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"Who is this Hilton girl? It doesn't matter on a lot of levels."
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September 08 2003

(SPOILER) James Marsters Q&A from DragonCon - part one. A very thorough and enjoyable transcript posted at the More Than Spike forums.

Was gonna go into a diatribe about McGuffins, but decided to post it to the WhedonWiki side instead cuz it drifted off topic for this thread.
I usually don't find actor interviews that interesting but Marsters is always an exception. He has a real insight into his own craft but also into the storytelling craft. Loved the bit about methhod acting & his own hunger. It's easy to see why everyone at ME praises him to the hills.
Zachsmind - excellent little piece on the McGuffin.
Buried deep within this interview is the first political statement I've heard from Mr. Marsters and it confirms that he's one of the coolest people on the planet. He says we lost the Vietnam War because the enemy was willing to be more ruthless than us. I hope we don't make that mistake this time around.
Thanks Unitas.

Vpecoraro, they're ruthless terrorists. We're politically correct diplomats. It is Vietnam Part Two. That being said, Marsters probably winced right after saying that and the transcript indicates he admitted he stepped outside his usual box. His was the same faux pas made by Bill Maher right after Nine Eleven. He didn't mean to insult the military, but it was the politicians AND We The People who tied the military's hands behind their backs. If you're gonna fight ruthless expletitives, you have to BE ruthless.
ZachsMind, I totally agree.
Yeah but I don't. If we match their ruthlessness we cease being civilized. We become beasts. We become as evil if not more evil than their terror.

Angel might as well give up his soul and call it a day.
This is a pretty good example of the cast reaction to the SMG. JM only has only the good to speak of her, but something seems unsaid.

I've heard the people who have heard/read people who have heard things from people who have seen her being horrible. But, unless I'm hallucinating, it sounds like she's more or less like any number of... er, I think they're called... normal people. Freaks.

What seems to be left unsaid is the ungodly amount of sweaty group sex between all of these pretty people. I know if I were the MSG, Alyson Hannigan would know what it's like to be with a woman by now.

Dammit, I want to know about these things.

And if anyone has any links to real reports about how "bitchy" SMG is, share, dammit! I've never really believed the rumors, even though I'm not the biggest fan of the woman.

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