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April 09 2009

Sarah Michelle Gellar is expecting! People's website cites a source close to SMG & Freddie Prinze, Jr. saying they are expecting their first child.

Awww! A little SMG. :)
Wow. Didn't expect this. Congratulations Sarah & Freddie!
Wonder how this will affect the Buffy movie? ;)
Heh, that's great news. That's going to be one kid who's going to be totally embarassed by Buffy untill he/she's at least twenty ;)
That kid is going to be embarrassed by his friends wanting his mom forever :)

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Prinze :)
Yay! Many congrats!! :D
Well, it's about time. I'm very happy for them. They will be the cutest parents.
Congrats Sarah and Freddy.

Oh how awesome it would be to have Buffy as your mother lol. That kids going to get to watch seven seasons of his mother kickin ass and doing one fine job at it.
I think Season 6 will be kept in the parents room, though *hides*.
How incredibly great for Sarah if this is true. She will make a fabulous mommy. :)
She'll be a perfect mom.
awww...Yay! That's great news for Sarah and Freddie.
If I was her kid and watching BUFFY, I'd be wondering why mommy looked so sad all the time. Oh god, imagine watching The Gift if SMG were your mom. Yeesh.

I wonder if her kid will even watch the show.
At least the kid won't have any problems with bullies. He/she'd just have to show an episode of Buffy for show-and-tell and say, "That's my mommy. She's like a superhero or something."
Aw! This news made me gasp out loud!
Wow, more life and death in the Buffyverse. It's nice that this baby will be close in age to Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof's little girl. Perhaps they won't be having playdates together, but at least on some level we can look at them and think that the next generation is here - 'Buffy' and 'Willow' are mommies.

I'm so happy for them. Congratulations to Sarah and Freddie.
*squee* So many major Buffyverse actors having kids this year! Awesome!
Firstly... congrats to the happy couple!

Secondly... is anyone flashing back to those rumors of a script for a Buffy movie where she is possibly expecting/already has a child? Just saying....
In light of Aly's recent pregnancy, it got me thinking about these two and if they were ever planning on having kids...guess this answers my question! How exciting!!!
Congrats to both of them!
Congrats to them. :)
Fab news- Freddie looks like he'd be a really fun Dad, whereas SMG/P would totally lay down the rules!

Once she's a little advanced and the pics of her showing start floating around, we should brace ourselves for an onslaught of 'Buffy's pregnant!' fan fic...
Their baby is going to be freaking adorable! Many congrats to them.
oh no, not "Buffy's pregnant" fanfic! Please anything but that! lol. Congrats and all of that.
Happy wishes for the happy couple! I see stellar parents in the making. :)
How awesome ! I'm so happy for them both. :)
Pregnant and hormonal Buffy... Come on, admit that it atleast would be a kind of awesome. :D Joss, make it happen!
that's great! congrats to the happy couple.
What a baby boom for the buffyverse! First Alyson and Alexis, David Boreanaz and his wife are expecting again, and now Buffy herself.
Triple baby news this year. It's babypalooza 2009 in the Jossverse.

First, Alyson and Alexis.
Then, David and Jaime.
Now, Sarah and Freddie.

And 5/6 of them have appeared in the Jossverse.

Who's next?

Too bad Alyson and Alexis' good news came right on the heels of tragedy for Andy Hallett.
Buffy's Got Bump!

I'm happy for Sarah and Freddie - and yeah, those are some slammin' genes going into making that baby's DNA.

New life - such optimism. I'm always awestruck and a little humbled by folks that maketh the babies.
Is it bad that the first thing I thought was "finally she'll eat a sandwich once in a while, now".

But seriously, congratulations to them this is fantastic news if it's true.
Gouki - Not only bad but kind of inappropriate.

Congrats to them, they're going to be super busy in the coming months!
Finally! I have been waiting for this forever. I don't know why, but it seems I am cursed to be one of those people who care about celebrities reproducing, and this baby is at the top of my "babies I wanna see" list. I am ashamed to admit I will be avidly following every single thing she wears for the next however many months.

I am going to predict a GIRL! Anyone else want to pool in early? ;)
ailiel, my first thought was also girl. :)
Wow, congratulations Sarah! So happy for her and Freddie :-)), and the baby will certainly be adorable!
If it's true, Finally! :)
That's lovely news :)
Awww! That's really great news, I'm so happy for them ^_^
Congrats to Sarah and Freddie!
Aww, a wee smidge of Smidge ;). Congratulations to the happy couple (assuming this is true).

No offence to FPJ but I hope it gets her looks and her brains ;).
Congrats Sarah and Freddie! More babies for the Buffyverse!
Congrats to the happy couple!

Oh and if it's going to be a boy.. don't name it Xander.. that would be weird *g*
Will this affect The Wonderful Maladys?
flugufrelsarinn - The Wonderful Malady's shoots in May but probably won't air until the beginning of next year. HBO shows have weird schedules so I think it works out in Sarah's favour. It seems like pretty bad timing though, as Freddie just shot a pilot for ABC for the Fall. If both their shows get picked up, they might end up shooting on different coasts, though, if they're lucky, at different times of the year so that might work out for them as well.
This is great news, congrats! But yeah hopefully, The Wonderful Maladys can still work out as well, timing wise.
Haha, wow. This is fantastic! I echo the others--Sarah will make the perfect mom. I remember finding out about how she collects childrens books and wondering why this moment hadn't happened already. But WHOOHOO! It's all smiles here at Whedonesque!
Aww, congratulations to them both! Finally some news to put a smile on my face :)
Congratuations to them.With this and Alyson giving birth atleast there has been some good news following the bad news of Andy's passing.
Congrats Sarah and Fredie to your little "Prinze"... or "Prinzess"? :-)
Congrats to Sarah and Freddie!
That is going to be one beautiful baby!

I'm loving the whole Buffy: the next generation that happening this year :-)
I really didn't expect it this soon. I recall an itnerview not that far back where she said "YOu can't be a parent and selfish." Probably farther back than I realize.

Given Freddie is very mixwed ethnically, we're looking at naophter little American ont he way, no meaningful hyphens to speak of.

missb DeathIsYourGift Djungelurban: I've seen a number of pregnancy fics, even soem abotu Buffy. I ahven't ahd the enrve to tackle that with her tho, altho I've done Willow, Anya, Tara, and Dawn, and even Harmony at one point.

Emmie Saje: I think a smidgen of Smidge" works ebtter than "a little SMG" since, well, gender, y'know. I like one I cam up witha few years ago; "little Prinzes and Prinzesses."

Anuris; We psoted at the same time, roughly :-).

Gouki: Some people have a metabolism like that; she's been known to eat, and in public.

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Well, we can only hope the child takes after Sarah in the talent department.
Congratulations to Sarah!!

Now picturing Lorne singing 3 babies to sleep.
Aww, korkster, if only!
does anyone know why SMG and AH stopped being friends? I know they were never BBFs but they did have a falling out it seems. Just wondering. Thanks.

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