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"Because, sir, to be blunt, the last time you became complacent about your existence turned out rather badly."
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April 09 2009

"He was a real gentleman, very funny, and I will miss him greatly". James Marsters shares his thoughts on Andy Hallett.

Speaking of a real gentleman, there goes another.
Great read, and re. Torchwood (and Dr. Who), the BBC is bonkers.
Love to see him in Moonshot :)
Very interesting interview. JM as per comes across as a very enthusiastic nice guy.
I think all the people that worked with Andy in one way or another will greatly miss him. He seemed like a real energetic,postive guy.

Again we have the confirmation that the sequel of Dragon Ball is green-lit. And James wants to be at peak physical condition for it, thumbs up James. Let's hope they do better with the second one. At the very least they should give him a bigger part on the account of the transformation his character Piccolo will go trough. Plus it does seem that James is really loved in the west, it's like he's the movie's face outside of Asia.
And most reviews have been very positive on his work in the movie, regardless of the short screen-time he got.
Excellent interview, I can now mark my calendar for Moonshot and was very glad to see the next Dragonball is in the works. HMMMM in better shape than for Buffy...OK James WTG. Have been very sorry that Torchwood is only going to be 5 eps, what a waste of a good series.
I pitched Joss an outline for a TV movie and he liked it a lot. He tried for a little while to get it going but it didn't get anywhere.

I assume this is common knowledge to most of you but I never heard this before. Interesting! James really did love Spike! And he comes off as being so gracious to have any opportunity...even though he seems to constantly have a kick ass new gig.
Great interview. Loved the Torchwood comment .... "That's the strange thing about the BBC .... We have a huge hit show, everyone wants to see more, lets cut it down to five episodes".
Thanks for that, James. ;)
I was waiting to read James saying something about Andy..if only because it was from an interview to James that I first learnt about Andy's disease, and I knew JM admired him very much..

What I wasn't expecting was:
...and then hopefully to Italy playing music

..and, ok, I know this is probably interesting only to me, but almost had me fainting at the thought...I reeeeaaaaaaaaally wish this hope came true..

Well, great interview..!
I was so shocked yesterday when I found out about his death. I went to IMDB to found out about what he was doing after I watched a Geppetto movie, which reminded me of him. Last year was Bernie Mac, who I love too much... what a great actor, now this! It blows my mind! I hope we will see more of Lorne in the comics!!!

I also want to say to his parents that they should be proud of their son because surely he is in Heaven. Now he is really an Angel!!!!!!

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