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April 10 2009

Season 1 of Dollhouse available for pre-order on Amazon. The list price is $34.99, and the season will include 13 episodes, the last of which will not be aired on FOX.

I think it might even include 14 episodes, right? Since I remember reading somewhere that they'll include the scrapped pilot "Echo" as one of the extras.
This was posted the other day.
I didn't see a product description showing which eps are included, not that I won't order it anyway. :)
Wasn't it listed as $50 the other day?
$50 was the list price (and still is). Now it's up for actual pre-order Amazon have put up their price which is $34.99. That's why it says "You save $14.99" :)
Where does it say the last episode will not be aired on Fox????? Wasn't there a huge debate a week ago about Prison Break's schedule and it was understood taht the show will air all episodes?

Have I missed some bad news?
This was posted the other day.

It was the blu-ray version that was posted the other day. So this entry is fine.

Have I missed some bad news?

Oh yes. There was a complete meltdown about 24 hours ago. Wasn't fun. Have a look through yesterday's archives to see what I mean.
Now, if I live in Europe and I have no credit card or US bank account... how can I actually buy this stuff?
wiesengrund, set up a Paypal account

or not, I was confused with another store. Sorry!

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Simon, the thread last week linked to the DVD page on Amazon too.
But it wasn't up for pre-order til today. The page was just for you to sign up to be notified for the pre-order.

Pre-pre-order, if you will.

Also strange - the BluRay version's Amazon page has gone back to the pre-pre-order stage.

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This one?

Nope Simon, this one.

As the article linked to from that thread (and a further article linked to from the linked article - oh what a tangled web we weave ;) makes clear, the DVD and Blu-Ray sets were both available for full pre-order and were then taken back down to "sign up to be notified".

Currently the DVD's available for pre-order but the Blu-ray's down, seems to be bouncing around a bit at the moment.

Wiesengrund, in the UK there're a few "pay in advance" credit cards (like this one) where you buy credit on it over the counter in shops and can then use it online. There's no credit check or anything because you're obviously not actually being extended credit - if you have those in Austria it could solve your problem.
Nope Simon, this one.

Well that was more about the release date and contents. An entry about the DVD being available for pre-ordering on Amazon is fine. And who knows, maybe pre-orders will influence the PTB in some shape or fashion.
Oh man. I'm gone for 2 days and all hell breaks loose.

At first I thought there was some official notice of cancellation that I missed. So my feelings of dread changed to disappointment when I read that the wacky, stand-alone episode (that people have compared to Restless) will not air live. I'll attempt to be a "glass is half full" guy and say this is better than it could be.

I wonder if this is a ploy by Fox to sell DVD sets or if all the executives have had their minds blown by the episodes' pure awesomeness. I assume it's the latter.
And who knows, maybe pre-orders will influence the PTB in some shape or fashion.

So you're saying Dollhouse [season 2] may get greenlit due to DVD sales ? OK, what have you done with the real Simon ?

And yep, though the previous article linked (in its first line) to an article that announced the DVD pre-order I totally agree it can't hurt to have a more direct link right on the front page. And anyway, even if I didn't agree it totally doesn't matter cos you da mod ;).
The mod with the bod. As no one here calls me.
Well, I always assumed you had a bod[y] which is what, 4 letters different ? A mere hop, skip and a jump away.
Anyone heard of when the region 2 DVD will be announced?
What's Dollhouse?
Yeah, still not buying it. Think I'll wait and see.
Sorry to start so much controversy - I just got my e-mail reminder from Amazon this morning before heading off to school, hadn't seen a specific announcement about this, and was excited at the opportunity to finally get a post under my belt. Speaking of which, thanks for adding tags; I was a little rushed at the time.
You started no controversy for me, Mercenary. A tip of my hat to you. All the posts I had seen earlier did not take me to a real order page on Amazon for the DVDs. I just ordered the thing for real. So, thanks to you.
If it includes only 13 episodes, including Epitaph One, does that mean that it does not include the original pilot?
As far as I saw in another post here on Whedonesque, it will have "Echo" as well.

Edit: Here's the link posted a few days ago. Looks like they've added to the page, and I haven't read all that because I'm incredibly spoiler-phobic. XD But it does say that both the DVD and the Blu-ray versions will include the unaired pilot.

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I don't see anything on the Amazon page stating how many episodes it will have.

My guess is that it will contain 13 episodes plus the original pilot as a special feature.
"Echo" may be counted as a DVD extra rather than an actual episode. The link mentioned above from the previous thread which originally led (via another, more twisty turny route) to the DVD pre-order pages say that it does feature.
Thanks guys.
It would make no sense for the unused pilot to be counted as an actual episode, since parts of it were cannibalized for other episodes and it no longer exists in continuity as it were.
I wonder if there's going to be Easter Eggs.
Well yeah, it's Easter.

Oh, I see what you mean.
Just don't click the one Topher Easter Egg. I hear you wake up in a weird place and realize your whole life's just been a 2-day assignment.
I keep a careful measure of my toe-nail growth to reassure myself that's not the case.
I wonder if the DVD menus will be based on Topher's giant transparent identity creating computer display.
I wonder if the transitional animations will have a flashy blue light.

ETA: Or the mindwiping grey-sketchy effect.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2009-04-10 19:39 ]
I vote for b!X's idea - especially if they were able to work season 2 clues into the menu structure somehow.
12 episodes plus unaired (as of now) episode 13. Echo is considered a DVD extra.
So want to order this, but need the cash. Must wait. :(

I hope they include all of the Joss-bits that Fox promo'd. I heart those.
Well they don't actually charge you until it ships, and you could cancel it at anytime before that.

I ordered the blu-ray before it reverted, so it's still on order. No idea why it's like that.
Should we be ordering this through the 'Whedonesque' Amazon shop? I had a little lookie and it's not listed there yet, and I do so like to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak...
Will the unaired pilot be included as a bonus feature?

Edit: I just saw tamara c's post. Exciting!

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