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April 10 2009

Everything you need-to-know for tonight's Sarah Connor finale. The 2nd season finale Born to Run (hopefully not the series finale) airs this evening. Article looks at this season's major plot points, characters, unresovlved questions and what may be ahead for the Connors tonight.

Also contains some very nice behind the scenes pics of cast and crew.

I'm a big fan of T:TSCC but there is no way in hell that it is "Battlestar Galactica levels of awesomeness." Sorry. But there is no comparison.
I'm excited for this. i09 does a great job summing it up. I hope some of those questions are answered.
The last few episodes have been great, hope tonight's is as good or better.

And I hope that I will someday soon get "Donald where's your trousers" out of my head.
Same zz9, I've been singing it all week.

Unbelievably excited for this tonight. Dollhouse is barely on my radar tonight, weirdly.
Nice recap. I kind of needed that.

I like this show a lot, but I think it's indicative of a major flaw that the only burning question involving Sarah Connor was: Just how crazy is Sarah Connor anyway?
Jcs, always a problem with writing, when you realise a "supporting" character is way more interesting that your "lead".

It was the same with the movies, it was "About" Sarah but Arnie was always "The Star", you can just do more with a robot, a character who has so much to learn, let alone gets all the cool stunts and fights.

It would actually be interesting if Sarah and John got killed and Cameron was left alone. What would she do? What would her mission be? Would she simply hide away and wait like the Terminator from the 1920s? Would she follow her own agenda fighting Skynet? Would she make friends? Find a new "Family"?

I don't want Sarah and John, or Ellison, Weaver and John Henry, to die but I would like to see a season of Cameron alone.
(Spoilers coming, and I cannot figure out the tags for spoiler text)

That was an excellent ending! I honestly did not know where this episode was going, not ever along the way. That final ending, with John's father and uncle there, and with the real Cameron there- after that terribly sexy scene John and Cameron had), the finding that Weaver was on the good side, and so was John Henry, and the final final scene of Sara Connor also gone into time, while saying she loved her son- great!
It was the best episode of Terminator ever.
I think they nailed it pretty well. I don't need a season 3 now -- they completed this version of the Terminator universe.

The writers were holding back on us. They were clever all along (the moray eel in the tank being part of Garbage-bot). But something held them back; they only got to shine on so very few episodes. Including episodes like this.

Good ending. Not GREAT, for I am still hungry for much more -- details we'll never know unless the head writer gives some interviews, developments we'll never see. And yet, it was good enough to allow me to be satisfied if this is the end of the series (which it surely is).

Summer, Lena, Thomas, Richard, Shirley, Garret, Brian... thank you.
"Donald Where's Yer Troosers ?" even kinda worked in an almost slightly haunting way. Which is amazing to me since i've grown up with hearing it (a lot, cheers Mum and Dad ;) as a sort of jokey song about - to a lowlander - the Scottish equivalent of a country bumpkin, as sung by Andy Stewart (Youtube). I guess though, if you strip it right back, it's actually about someone being who they are and following their own path come what may, against all detractors. Which fits a few of the characters on the show (and, ultimately, it fits perfectly as the sort of song Savannah's Scottish dad might've have taught her - slightly bawdy in the most innocent way which would make him smile as it went right over her head but also upbeat and funny just in the sounds of it which would make her smile).

Liked the finale, might've preferred slightly more resolution but though it also opened many more potential stories up, there was some definite closure there and another stand-out scene in the - for a network TV show T:TSCC has always made an effort to come up with genuinely new approaches to old scenes and it's tough to imagine how the scene could've been given a more Terminator twist, brilliant.

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Really good ending. But the sort of ending that says "We know the series is over so we're going out with a bang" ending. S3 would have to be set in the future now, unless they came back. Again.

And that would just be confusing.
I was crazy about this series right from the pilot and for me it just got better and better. The conclusion was all I'd hoped for (but nothing like what I'd anticipated) and congratulations to all on a strong and beautiful series with beginning, middle and end. Can't wait for the DVD of Season 2.
What doghouse said. But I'd still love another season.
What happens next?

John is clearly no longer the head of the resistance, Savannah Weaver is.

When they left Cameron's body, her personality now in the Turk, Sarah and Ellison repaired Cameron (they repaired Cromartie) and now she can function with the cord in the back of her head. Savannah now has a new friend.
With both parents dead (Weaver would be assumed to have died in the crash) the company is held in trust until Savannah reaches 18, with Ellison still head of security.
They find a catch a Terminator, steal it's chip, wipe it and give it back to Cameron.

In the future the resistance is now losing badly, John not being there screwed things up, John Henry has Camerons old faulty chip and goes bad, so they build a time machine to send him back...

That's what I'd do anyway.

If the show was renewed I very much doubt they can stay in the future, too expensive to shoot, so they'd have to bring John back to the present and resurrect Cameron.
That the current leader of the resistance may be Savannah Weaveris a neat idea -- I could see where a comic book writer, if they were to continue the series, would definitely want to bring her in to the story, now that she and John are about the same age and have a shared history of tying shoelaces.

I'd like the show to continue as a comic book, but only if the best writer on the show did it.
I'm pretty sure that John still ends up the leader of the resistence. He's got too much knowledge on how to fight the machines not too, and it would explain why no one was ever really allowed to see him in the future, because they'd freak if they knew they were following a 17 year old kid. He jumped forward in time just in time to send his father back and then later send Derek. Just because they didn't know who he was right then doesn't mean they won't come to understand his leadership skills. For me the ending had that inevitable feeling like the first movie, that John was always supposed to jump forward in time. Plus it makes more sense that he and Allison would have the relationship that was always hinted at now that they are around the same age at the same time. But I'm sure some things are different, just like things were different between the time Derek jumped to the past and Jessi did.

And if they do get a season 3 (though I don't think they will) the writers just gave themself the chance to actually make the show about Sarah, by leaving her in the past (present) alone.
I also grew up with that song, and seeing a TV episode end with a robot and a little girl singing a "haunting" version of it is among the more bizarre things that has ever occurred.

I've gotta go against the consensus on the John/Cameron scene in the finale though. It was queasy and uncomfortable and the rationale was tissue paper thin. They'd have been better off having a scene that was actually sexual, rather than one that was clearly supposed to be titillating, but made excuses for it.

and I agree with dzr, a clever one-liner comparing Terminator to BSG doesn't make it so.

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