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"I had to dismember that guy with a trowel."
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April 10 2009

"That kid is gonna get his @*# kicked." Modesto Bee article recounting James' high school drama days and the drive that made him successful.

Awww, now why didn't she post that yearbook-picture as an illustration?! We all want to see niblet James, right?
Oh, the joy of outgrowing humble, geek-infested roots...
^.^ That's adorable.
Those aren't so bad. The hair's a little poofy, but in style for the time. I hope he enjoys the trips down memory lane as much as we enjoy them.
Aw, he's so cute! I wanna touch the hair...
Thanks for posting that link! VERY 70's, and not so bad indeed. Probably due to the lack of leotard.... Has he ever said anything negative about his schooldays himself?

James in man-tights - hee!
Wow that article made me laugh out work. Love the pics, he looks so young!

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Just when I thought he couldn't be any more adorable....I would have had a serious crush had I been in school with him...I have a serious crush now.

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