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September 08 2003

(SPOILER) Special guest appearance on Angel confirmed? Teen Hollywood says it's happening.

It's a fairly reliable site so I'm gonna call it as true.

*sits back, waiting for the fights to begin*

Thanks Simon. I for one look forward to seeing Buffy again. Not sure I believe this is official confirmation, but I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time.
*puts on face mask and boxing gloves*

Haven't we already covered this topic? Or am I just having a case of de ja vu?
That was speculation based on what Joss said, this appears to be confirmation. If it is true then it will be the major talking point for the next few months.
Cannot wait! Zach---no boxing gloves/face mask needed...much respect for your opinion here. But still...cannot wait! :)

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Entertainment Weekly also printed the story last week as well.
Tensai at Spoiler Slayer has also picked up on the new Teen Hollywood story and also reports on rumours for another Buffy guest star to appear during the November sweeps. Judging by Nick Brendon's comments in the new edition of SFX it may be him.
I want to see Xander show up w/o Buffy in tow, and he kicks both Angel and Spike's butts, and gets REAL CLOSE to taking one of them out permanently. So close that we the audience honestly think he's gonna pull it off. Sounds a bit out of character maybe, but if you scan through Buffy & Angel overall, Xander's way overdue for some clobberin' time. Kinda like when he used the wrecking ball on Glory, only ten times worse. He pulls out an arsenal of his own design & construction, and a small army of Scythe Slayers, a few tricks up his sleeve, and Carpenter Lad just goes to town on our favorite souled vamps. The character's always been properly motivated, and you know Brendon's capable of playing Xander close to the edge, without losing his sense of humor. THEN you can bring Buffy in, to cool Xander's jets and set things right. I just don't like the idea of Buffy being the first big name after Spike to show up during sweeps. It'd be like CATS opening with "Memory." Remember how Giles came back at the end of season six? It worked cuz they saved it for the cliffhanger of Two To Go.
Well, J. August Richards told an audince in Toronto a couple of weeks ago that Willow/Alyson Hannigan would definitely be coming on for a guest appearance, but he wouldn't specify anyone else.
Eventually all the principals will hopefully make an appearance in Angel Five. I just wish it wasn't Buffy as the main meat course and Spike as the steady supply of red wine throughout the meal, with characters like Willow, Giles, Xander and Dawn being appetizers and afterthoughts.
Well you could parallel it with season one, Oz and Spike as appetisers and Buffy (and Faith) as the main courses. Worked back then. I guess it's the old problem of making a TV show for the fans, the audience, the advertisers and the network. Joss and co have to accomodate them all some how.
I like Zachs story line only hopefully someone will finally
Kill Zander 'cause he's such a conniving little hypocrite!
I'm ok with them killing this Zander bloke, cause that'll mean Xander's safe.

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My thoughts exactly prolific!

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