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April 10 2009

(SPOILER) Trailer for Dollhouse episode 10. 'Haunted' will air in two weeks' time.

We'll find something fun to do next Friday.

Yeah, I'm gonna be mega-bored this coming Friday. Still, the episode looks fun. Adelle has a dead friend, I guess?
Second that Jobo. Well actually I'll probably be drinking with friends, but still I want more Dollhouse! I can't wait 2 weeks! Darn Prison Break...
Wow, no T:TSCC or Dollhouse next Friday. I might have to find something social to do next week ;)
So the Dollhouse can extract a person's memories after death? What if they salvaged the memories of Caroline's boyfriend Leo and at some point Alpha was imprinted with them? It would explain his obsession with her and it would make their eventual meeting much more personal.

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I'm very curious for them to explain how they are able to receive memories from dead people. I wanna know their explanation for that.

But yeah, the episode looks like it will be a fun murder-mystery type thing. I'd like it to be another standalone-ish episode. Perhaps let us get to know our new handler and such?
If it's possible, maybe she came to the Dollhouse and made a copy of her memories every month or so in case she died? *shug*
Hmm. The last batch have been less stand-alone, which is why they're working. I'm unsure about this one. My friend and I both inexplicably got the feeling of "Lifetime ghost movie."
I have a feeling (and hope) that it'll be less "stand-aloneish" than it looks. I doubt they'll go back to how the first bunch of episodes were; the preview probably just focused on the mission because it is a significant and dramatic portion of the story.

Even if I'm wrong, though, with the way the show has been going lately, I'm sure it'll be entertaining regardless. And then just two more episodes...
Oh my. Two more episodes? I didn't realize it was that few... and we still haven't met Alpha (though darn IMDB spoiled it for me). I don't know how I'm going to cope once this show isn't on, much less if its canceled.
There's three more episodes left. This one (in the trailer) is stand alone. Then the following two are a two parter.
Ah, right, thanks. Math's not my strong point. Then after that there is the mythical 13th episode, which I will have to wait to see on DVD.
Magical 13th Episode!

Makes me want cereal for some reason. Like it's magically delicious or something.


Hm, I guess commercials do affect you at a young age...
Even if the episode is a standalone in nature, the goings on within the Dollhouse will most likely be carried over from this week's spy business. With you-know-who having a promotion, there is bound to be some ongoing drama about "trust" and "taking care of ________."

And the new handler they introduced in episode 9 will probably be shown some, although I doubt he is long for this world. Just something about characters that are brought in at the end of a season that make me think they're already at death's door repeatedly ringing the doorbell, like maniacal Girl Scout's trying to make quota.
I hate FOX-mans voiceover... its like those one-liners David Caruso pulls out before the intro on CSI: Miami...

Like a dead guy is in a tree and he takes off his sunnies puts his hands on his hips and says "Well...looks like this case is....up a treee"

"Before she gets murdered.....AGAIN!"

Barry: This woman is (was) Adelle's buddy. She probably had her personality down-load at Adelle's request while alive.
They were also able to download the internet millionaire's wife in MotS. I'm guessing they extracted her memories after her death because her husband just became wealthy when she was in the car accident. So it seems they are able to extract the person's personality and memories after their death.
Episode nine's trailer looked pretty standalone to me, and we all saw how that one turned to be.
Coming from a horseback rider I am excited to see how Eliza fares around them.
Does anyone find it interesting that Adelle has an affinity for Echo and then has her downloaded with Adelle's best friend's personality? I think there is some history there that we have not seen.

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