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April 11 2009

What the papers say about Dollhouse episode 9. The A.V. Club gives it an 'A', saying "[it] offered many reasons why Dollhouse deserves a second season". TV Squad gives it "a thumbs-up".'s Ken Tucker liked it, saying "it gets better week after week, while there seems less and less hope of it surviving". TV critic Alan Sepinwall called it a "terrific episode" and that "part of what made it strong was its density". And the iFMagazine review says Dollhouse is "proving to be unique and fascinating".

More reviews will get added once they go online.

It's so cool when Joss is in the driver's seat!
How much, if at all, can good reviews influence Fox when they decide on renewal?
I would have thought not much but that Alpha Airlock article the other day (for whatever it's worth) suggested that the good reviews for recent episodes were having some impact
Good reviews may have played a part in getting Arrested Development a second and third season from what I recall. I could be wrong though.
I'd say it's pretty much impossible to know how much they help, but I'm certain that they do make a difference, however small it may be.
and the reviewer for the "joke" newspaper, with comment on the "twitstorm" not even a primary purpose of his recap, still outdoes WaPo and etc for clear, accurate summation of said twitfest, using no more information than was available to (not to keep flogging the same hack or anything) the WaPo. Although hardly a story of geopolitical import, one more reason why so many in the U.S. of A. end up trusting Jon Steward and The Onion more than some of the "newspapers of record."

ETA: most insightful comment from the three reviews posted to this link at this time comes from the IFMagazine review:

"One thing the series has already proved, something that seemed an impossibility at the outset, is that it can indeed keep us engaged in and sympathetic to the adventures and troubles of people with shifting identities."

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Alan Sepinwall loved it: "When Joss Whedon, Eliza Dushku and everyone else associated with "Dollhouse" were busy talking up episode six as The Greatest Story Ever Told, why couldn't they have slipped in a mention that episode nine would be pretty awesome, too? If anything, this is the episode that feels like it could cure my lumbago, pay my mortgage and cook me a Spanish omelet, it was that good."
Yes, it was!
Agreed, Maeve. The episode 6 was actually a bit disappointing, because of all the hype. It was good, but not that good. This one was.
Indeed. The show just keeps getting better and better. Between last night's marvelous Dollhouse and Wednesday's mind blowing episode of Lost, this has been one hell of a week of TV.
l agree with jghooligan 101 fox execs should take notice of these reviews and give dollhouse the benefit of the doubt
This was definitely my favorite ep so far.
Thanks for Alan's review, I've added that one and Ken Tucker's review to the entry.
When do the ratings come out?
Within the next hour. Several posters are hitting the f5 key on a couple of sites as we speak.
Good reviews may have played a part in getting Arrested Development a second and third season from what I recall. I could be wrong though.

You're not, although it also helped that several FOX execs were gigantic fans of the show, as I recall.

I have to say, I'm not as angry about AD's cancellation as some. I mean, 2.5 seasons? With enough warning to wrap up the series? Not so shabby. But then again, I guess my standards for success might be lower than most.
I just hope that this love from critics that Dollhouse is finally getting will maybe get its way to the PTB at Fox.
With out a doubt the best ep to date..come on Fox bend a little to keep a winner.

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