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April 11 2009

Season 2 of The Guild is available for pre-order on Season 2 of The Guild (written by and starring Felicia Day) is available for pre-order now for $13.49, with a release date of May 19th. Season 1 is also available now for pre-order.

Just ordered mine :)
Awesoooome. Will pre-order!
Are they region locked?
I Hope it's Region free. i love this show
There's also a new DVD of Dr. Horrible up for pre-order.
The Guild Season 1 and 2! Go Amazon!

The Dr. Horrible DVD...I wonder if it is just a cover change and nothing is new inside?
I think the Dr.Horrible DVD is exactly the same...apart from the cover and region.
Are they region locked?

I'll guess region-free as I think it's being produced the same way the Dr Horrible DVD was.
Totally pre-ordered season 1 and 2 of The Guild. I already own the season 1 DVD, but it never hurts to have a back up (if my itunes ipod, iphone, hard drive, internet, xbox wasn't enough backup.. I wilL NEVER lose this show)

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