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April 11 2009

Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to get re-released on DVD. It has a slightly different cover and there's a new distributor involved.

Big thanks to Ozzel for spotting this one.

Also seems to be DVD not DVD-R, and region coded. I wish I could remember where I know New Video from.
A few things I noticed:
- It hasn't been released yet. The new version doesn't come out till June 2.
- The run time is a minute shorter.
- Also, the cover artwork on the distributor's site and on Amazon are slightly different.
- "A Joss Whedon Film" Glorious.

I wonder if the disc content will be any different? I know the menus were pretty glitchy on mine.

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Looks like New Video releases a lot of indie stuff and documentaries, and they're the video distributor for A&E. I'm guessing this means this release will be available in stores and such, which would be cool.

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I know the menus were pretty glitchy on mine.

I tried to get the Easter Eggs to work but failed (I was viewing the disc on my Xbox 360).
Amazon's art touts the People's Choice Award, but New Video's art touts "top ten" lists.
Nice to see another release. Should be good for the profits I'd guess.

I would like a lot it if there would be a R2 release with Dutch subtitles, so I could buy one for my father, but I'm afraid that still seems unlikely.
de hamer is mijn penis
Speaking of subtitles, if they include any foreign language subtitles, I hope they use professional translators this time. The German subtitles on my DVD sound like they were translated by someone who just “happened to know some German”, not a professional.

I bought mine in a store here, and it had a sticker that said region 1 and I was like but no, see it's region free. XD

I told this to a friend who works there and someone else I talk to a lot there, but yeah, lmao. The ones they have for sale are still all region 1 stickered.

But hmm, interesting.
This is an exercise in complete necessity. I can't wait until DHSAB (Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) is released in ACTUAL blog form! I also can't wait for the Puppet Version acted out by people who made makeshift action figures out of their second purchases of "Firefly," "Buffy" and "Doogie Howser" action figures (the latter exists; dig deep on eBay), all before the actual action figures are released in 6' and 12' replicas. I'm slightly less excited about the television series because it'll likely get cancelled due to being aired at forty-five o'clock on MyPoopNet and with it already released on DVD in a special collector's director's home video straight-to-dvd theatrical cut two weeks before the pilot episode airs, which is actually the second episode.
druzilla, somebody is selling Dr Horrible in store? I'm not sure it has a distribution agreement for in store sales yet, which is.. curious.
Gah, if only this DVD was more expensive than the last one so I could really feel like I was supporting the project instead of just buying one copy of the new edition of a DVD I already own. Think they'll accept an overcharge?
Oh. lol. Umh. I had no idea. XD


Hmm. XD Sorry, just yeah. It's totally the same as the one on Amazon and stuff. lol.

Guess it is curious. I didn't think about it. Just one day they had 'em and I bought one. It was pretty cheap.

(Heh. Now I feel bad cause like favorite store and know a lot of the people and stuff. XD Plus, most of 'em are pretty Whedon fan-y themselves.)
including UK distribution this time please??? :)
...The new cover is worse than the old cover.
Yes, they've completely forgotten to improve upon it by adding llamas.
Damn you b!X, I had completely forgotten about the Serenity DVD cover. Starring Luke Perry!

druzilla, it sounds like they just ordered a bunch off Amazon and resold them, which is cool.
I hadn't even noticed the no llamas! That's a deal-breaker.
Everything is improved by adding Llamas. Except pie.
Hehe. Okay. XD

Why would the cover be better with llamas? Hehe.
Here, here, Saje! Imagine how much better the openin to "Grey Hour" would have been if Echo could've taken some to the mountains with her to help with the birth!

Lamaze Llamas!

(for birth that's soft, like a kitty!)
This version doesn't include the bees, sorry. ;)
"video distributor for A&E." Oh...another channel that could maybe show Dr. Horrible one day!
I'm not big on the coloring, anyone with me?
Very purple. Very weird.

Probably won't buy this, unless it has new features. Which would be totally mean and cheap. But it'd work on me.
ooh maybe this version will actually play on my dvd player so I can watch it on a screen bigger then my macbook
Does this version include fluffy hoppy bunnies?
You know what this DVD is missing?

A collector's tin for only Australia.
Lamaze Llamas!

First grin of the day, ta for that doubtful guest ;).
I don't understand. Comparing the Amazon entries for the two, this seems to be the exact same thing as the old version, just more expensive? What's the difference? I've been meaning to buy this for a while; is there any disadvantage to buying the cheaper one?
Creidieki, as has been said above, this one is an actual DVD instead of a DVD-R, and is region-specific.
At this point in Dr. Horrible's lifespan, it makes sense for it to come out of an actual DVD production house rather than a DVD-R burn-on-demand operation.
Purple is normally a good colour on Felicia - she wears it a lot - but it's probably not as effective when her hair, eyes and skin are also purple.
I get that they're trying to grab new viewers but I hate reviews and promos all over the covers of my dvds.
B!x said "At this point in Dr. Horrible's lifespan, it makes sense for it to come out of an actual DVD production house rather than a DVD-R burn-on-demand operation. ", Why ?
I was hoping a burn-on-demand outfit would be able to supply all requirements, what's missing ?
Yay. Maybe credit-cardless me will finally be able to buy it now. I was hoping at some point it would show up in actual rather than virtual stores.
Very purple. Very weird.

Ah, but it's Joss' signature color. Me thinks he's reaching out to us. ;)
And *poof* it's gone from Amazon, although the listing is still there.
It seems to have reappeared on Amazon again, but still not with the actual ISBN listed on New Video. But, at any rate, I guess if this is still happening, look out on store shelves this coming Tuesday?

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