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April 11 2009

My Life In Travel: Anthony Head. Tony Head talks about some of his favorite vacations, and a snafu causing him to be Photoshopped into a Buffy cast picture.

Ah, finally the answer. I was wondering, why he was photoshopped into the season 6 cast-pictures.
It sounds as though he rather misses LA.
I've never been to England though I do hope to make it next year. But his description of Somerset off the train made me absolutely homesick.

And I cannot wait for Merlin!
Two of my favorite places: Somerset, and Shutters in Santa Monica. The man has excellent taste. Oh yes, this is my first post. Thank you one and all, it's nice to be here.
And it was really bad Photoshoping, too.
Its great to hear him talk about the Buffy time. I cant say that Im overly fond of Merlin though.

Just make your self at home Peanut Noir.
Reading interviews with him always makes me smile. (Well, except that whole ugly business with the cemetery. Was that ever resolved, do we know?)

I can't imagine how scary it must've been shooting "True Horrors" in Haiti with all that going on.

Does anyone have a link to the 'shopped picture? I'm not sure I know which one(s?) he's referring to.

Is it June yet? Sigh. I want weekly Tony, gorramit!
just saw the pictures that i think he was talking about season 6 right? and i was wondering what alyson was doing that she needed to have blonde hair for?

if it was the season 6 picture that he is referring to here's the link

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Ahh, ok. Thanks, RheatVS. That's kinda bad.

I've a group shot that I'll be using for Disc 2 of my "Instrumental Buffy" discs when I burn them, and SMG is wearing white pants. But I've seen a variation of that shot (I think minus Riley & Giles) where she's wearing pink. Exact same clothes on everyone else, but her pants are pink. Or possibly purple - I don't remember. I just know they're a different color.
There's so much strangeness with that photo. I think Tony doesn't immediately stand out, because of how clearly that wasn't actually the background they shot in front of, so there's already some major photoshopping going on there. But why wouldn't they at least make the lighting the same for him? There's a light directly in front of everyone else, but then his light comes from his left, our right. Weird. Not to mention the fact that either Amber has no legs, or she has an incredibly wide stance. And Sarah's expression is so... vacant, I think is the right word. Strange, strange picture.
Was that the Buffy season 7 pic where UPN got the old season 6 group photo and photoshopped Tony in? I remember that everyone so annoyed that the network didn't bother to come out with new promo pics for the start of the final season.

Whereas The WB excelled itself with the Angel season 5 photos. They were excellent.
Shadowquest: yea its like a season 5 promo that in a picture she has white pants, and in another she has like maroon.

also xander has a tiger on his shirt in one and a plane black shirt in the other

heres the links:
red pants:

white pants:

here's the one minus riley, anya, and tara:

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XanMan If you look very closely behind Aly you can see the belt of Amber's low-slung pants (I've seen several publicity shots of Amber in that outfit - the shirt is held together on the sides by safety pins.) and part of a leg. And it's either her other leg or Spike's duster near Sarah's knee. And Sarah looks like the cardboard standee. Her shirt also looks rather pixely, like someone colored it black.

RheatVS Yep, that's the one I'm talking about.

What I'm confused by in that first one is the shoe that is showing between Aly & Sarah - it almost looks like a black boot. Which...I know Tony wears black boots (Very pointed toed ones) but he wouldn't be wearing them "in character."

The pants in the second pic are the altered ones - in my pic you can see the appropriate wrinkles on her thigh.

Do they think we obsessive fans won't notice these kinds of things? I mean, really.

When I was looking for good group shots to use, I found a variation with another pic, which is the cover of the Sunnydale High Yearbook by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder. But I no longer have the other version, so I couldn't tell you what was different. I think it just came down to where people were positioned. And if you look closely @Sarah's ankle you can see her tattoo under the strap of her shoe.
I've often times wondered why UPN used recycled cast photos for the final season. I was definitely one of those people slightly upset to see zero new photos...especially since, by that time, we knew those were also the stock material they were using for DVD cover art and the like. Note how disappointingly similar the photos of Sarah are on both the Season 6 and Season 7 boxsets. :(

Also, I'm a new Whedonesque member as of today, so hello fellow fans!
Nice interview. Different from the usual fare. I'll be sure to put those travel tips to good use...if I ever go on vacation again. My last one was in of June 2001, not counting the odd weekend here and there to visit friends.
Actually, the bachground was real. Look at that one: Or they photoshopped the whole gang into a behind the scenes picture, but why should they do that.
that picture just alltogether looks super fake and photoshopped to me. everyone looks like they cut and pasted them on there.
I would just like to say that if he & I were playing 'Worst Holiday Ever' he would totally win.

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