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April 12 2009

Happy Birthday Nick and Kelly! It's Nick and his twin brother Kelly's special day again. The boys turn 38 today. Now you can wish them your well wishes at his website.

Wow. I thought he was a bit younger than that. That's interesting. Well, Happy Birthday you lovable goof! :)
Yes, it means that he was... umm.. 26 in 1997. He looked alot younger. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK AND KELLY!

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Happy Birthday guys!
Happy birthday to the Xanders! Replacement is still one of my favourite Buffy eps.
Happy Birthday, Nick and Kelly! Have as much fun as two Xanders can (without an Anya)!
Happy birthday to the pair of them. :)
Happy birthday, Kelly and Nicky!
Happy B-Day Nick and Kelly!
Happy Birthday. To both of them.
The Replacements is a cool episode simply because I love it when real-life twins appear on screen together or replace one another in a particular role (like when Seth Hall replaced his twin Bruce as Reese on Passions [Spike's favourite show!!]). Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! You are the Bug Man Cockocacho!
Happy birthday, Nick and Kelly!
What they said....
I just found out the other day that Kelly filled in for Nick a few times. Does anyone know when this was? Was it just for a stunts or did he ever do any acting (apart from in 'The Replacement')?

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