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September 09 2003

JOSS TRIUMPHANT! Joss Whedon's cancelled-too-soon FIREFLY will be hitting theatres as a feature film, with Whedon making his feature directorial debut...

The short-lived TV series "Firefly" is moving to the big screen. After taking his "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" feature film and turning it into a successful TV series, Joss Whedon is about to do the reverse with another one of his creations. Whedon has teamed with Universal Pictures to turn "Firefly," a TV cult favorite, into a feature film.

Somebody posted a similar announcement last Thursday, but I'm glad to see that you're so enthused. :)
The original posting is here.
Yes please remember to check the archives for the last few days to check if a story has been posted.
C'mon! Let's be more cynical and harrasing! This is the internet!

Like...duh...welcome to last week. ;-)

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