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April 13 2009

'This American Life' adds a show date. By popular demand, there will be an encore presentation of This American Life--Live! You can now see Joss make a special appearance in select theaters on May 7th.

I've got me some tickets for the first, live showing..taking a friend for a birthday treat. (Nothing like giving myself a present for someone else's birthday. Heh.) Joss and Ira Glass in one evening!
Hey, this is great news! This means the GF and I can go.

And can I just say: what a finely-crafted first link.
The previous story about the show (March 11) had already slipped of the first page before I was able to post, so I don't know if many people saw it. But, I saw Ira Glass at a conference, and asked him what Joss was going to do. He told me that Joss was going to do a number from Commentary! Of course, things may have changed since then, but that was the lowdown from the source.
Oh, wow. And if I had to guess, that number would be Heart, Broken, since that is Joss's song. Though Strike! would be good too.

Or anything. You can sing me anything, Joss <3
I want to go to this more than I want chocolate or coffee... and that's a whole bunch. I've listened to This American Life for years--it's something I look forward to every week. Joss guesting on This American Life means my favorite things are coming together and I can barely contain myself. It's like chocolate and coffee in the same cup. Joss on This American Life is a cafe mocha, heh.
The fact that Joss is apparently doing a live musical number at a live This American Life is brain squishing fun.
God, they are totally putting chocolate in my peanut butter. Can't wait! zeitgeist and I have tickets for next week...
Does anyone know if this will be podcast? (I'm nor familiar with the show or it's format). Really hoping for some video clips. ;)
Chocolate + peanut butter is exactly right.

They typically have free podcasts up afterward. However this is an unusual show format (both the live and the theatres part), so I don't know if "typically" applies here. I'm curious whether the audio will be broadcast on NPR at some point, or whether this live HD thing is a stand-alone.

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Mrs.Haunt and I are seeing this on the 23rd AND I get all the TAL podcasts (as well as most of the other NPR podcasts). I'll let you know if I hear anything about this show being put onto the 'cast.
I listen to the TAL podcast every week. It's the same thing as their weekly radio show.

TAL also does a tv show. I have never seen it, but I think that most of the stories on the TV show eventually end up on the radio/podcast. I bet this will be treated the same way.

I don't know if they will ever release the video of this event, though, unless its ont he TV show, perhaps.
Thanks, Haunt. :)
They have, of course, broadcast their live shows as episodes on TAL, so I'd expect they'd do that - and then put up the podcast.

I think of it more as "A Prarie Home Companion" type thing. Done live for an audience, but a radio show nonetheless.

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