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April 13 2009

Eliza in Allure Magazine: The Naked Truth issue. NSFW. 'nuff said.

if this can't be here, mods can delete. wasn't sure.

Yes, wow is the right word.
Why do I always click on NSFW links at work to see if they're not safe for work?
Yeah, also gonna have to go with wow.
I'm gonna go with the slightly more original "whoa".

I may put a 'Yowsa' on the stoop, see if the cat laps it up. Apart from that, that's a very soulful expression, she looks kinda sad. Wonder what she was going for there ?

And in other news, Padma Lakshmi is also rather good-looking. Film at 11 (hopefully ;).
Lovely and smart women.
Holy moly....

My tea started boiling again

*fans self*
anyone else notice the tattoo on her back? It looks like words; I'm curious what it says. I'm also intrigued about when she got it; I'm pretty sure when she played Faith on Buffy, she didn't have any tats.
And yet strangely, I still haven't seen god.
boykit, it says "Lead, kindly light..." it's the beginning of a LDS prayer.
Eliza's LDS?

Also... damn. In a related note, looked at the other ones, and Chelsea Handler, also damn.
@KingofCretins: She used to be, or at least, she was raised as such but I don't think she is any more. Not certain on that, though.

I rather like these quite a bit. They're all very tasteful and well done. Quite a few of them I wouldn't mind having large, framed prints of, including Eliza, of course.
@sleeper: Then you're just not looking hard enough. :)
In response to sleeper's comment which gave me a chuckle: I think Eliza made that statement more in regards to "full frontal" although I don't remember where I heard it, so I can't really check for context on that. If you count this sort of non-explicit thing, then you have to count the commercial breaks on Dollhouse too, don't you?

Of the others, I was most interested to see Sharon Leal from Boston Public there.
I think that comment about *you'd have a better chance at seeing God...* was in response to a reporter asking if she'd ever do Playboy. I used to have the video snippet somewhere...
As far as what counts, I think the statement as it tends to be taken was contradicted by her actions awhile ago, yes. I think it's quite possible that in the context she said it she still hasn't changed her mind.

I also think that a lifetime is a long time to make no false statements, and I was just making a wisecrack.

@kungfubear: I'll definitely be searching in this photo much harder.

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Apart from that, that's a very soulful expression, she looks kinda sad. Wonder what she was going for there?

Maybe she was just relaxing at home and the photographer burst in and snapped the picture?

/Waiting for the first "I'll be in my bunk" comment.
I'll be in my bunk.

No, really.

Well, more of a bed. But I'll be there. At some point.

As for what I'll be doing there, that's really none of your business. (Besides, you really don't want to know. Definite TMI, trust me).

Also: YOWZA!
"Lead, kindly light..." it's the beginning of a LDS prayer.

Pretty sure it was originally the beginning of a hymn by John Henry Newman (a Catholic writer and priest). (Of course the LDS connection would be more relevant for ED--just wanted to clarify the actual origin of the phrase.)
Okay, Chelsea Handler should just always be naked. That picture makes her look 10 years younger. I think I liked her pose the best, though Eliza's felt very artistic. Like the photographer caught her while she was meditating on very thinky thoughts.
Wow. Not much more to say other than that.

Um, not that I care overly much, but what is an LDS?
So how much do you think that frilly chair Eliza is sitting on will fetch at the local flea market post-photoshoot?

I love Eliza as much as the next crazed Dollhouse/Buffy fan but that is massive ick for the next person to sit on that chair--dingleberry central.
Latter Day Saint (Mormon)
Okay, Chelsea Handler should just always be naked.

Wasn't this true before the photoshoot?

I didn't know Eliza had an LDS background -- I could have guessed based on the picture alone that she probably wasn't active, though :)
Aw, she looks so pretty. You can tell she feels comfortable in her skin. Had I her body, I'd probably be just as comfortable showing it off, hehe.
whoa. i had no idea what NSFW meant, but I think I know now.

Eliza looks great in this picture!
not safe for the library either, especially for the carrels right next to the refrence department.

I don't know why this is bothering me; I've never had objections to this kind of picture on principle but I just wish more people had a policy . . . I dunno.
If you don't know what an acronym means, there's a couple that can save you the trouble: GIYF and WIYF.

(Google is your friend and Wikipedia is your friend, of course)
Well, good for her. I'm sure her body attitude doesn't hurt in getting her certain parts (as some actresses clearly would be less comfortable with it). Didn't realize the LDS were so 'free' with the nudity, though it appears her Mom wasn't too fussed with the kids in the buff.
KingofCretins's use of the word "active" made my brain switch into Dollhouse mode. Am I a sleeper doll?
Popwatch at has an interesting take on this series of shots, noting they look airbrushed: "Good or bad for womankind?"
Interesting points in the article.

I have absolutely no problem with Eliza getting sexy. But I do admit that the airbrushing annoys me. Her maxim pics were so airbrushed that she looked completely plastic. She would have looked so much better if they'd left the pictures alone.

I mean, come on! This is a gorgeous woman.

Seriously, go easy on the photoshop.
It has a very Playboy vibe to the posing and the quotes used. I'm surprised this is a women's magazine.
Wow... I have no other words. It's cool to see that she isn't shy to do that... Go Eliza!!!
Curiosity got the better of me, however I'll agree with the EW article in that they do look air-brushed/photoshopped or something. Not that I'd know what their skin actually looks like, but I was reminded of the smooth plastic "skin" of dolls - the kind you buy new from the store, not the kind that I scratched and punctured with nails. ;)
I am also against the whole photo shopping/airbrushing thing, because Eliza really does not need it. But she is no were near as fake airbrushed here as she was in Maxim. Those pictures looked really weird, computer generated, and I could have sworn they airbrushed out her tattoos. These are not nearly as bad as those. Can't comment on the other pictures, didn't bother looking at them nearly as closely.

As hawt as this is, it hits a little too close to some of the themes in 'Dollhouse', doesn't it?
In using technology to turn someone into the 'perfect' person, you really are doing a great disservice to the soul. It's our experiences, and the marks and scars they leave on us, that lets us know that we're really alive.
Well said missb.
People speak as if airbrushing is a bad thing. Its the very nexus where art meets nature. How wonderful is that?
So when does the "Win a Chance to have Lunch with Eliza Dushku on the Set of Dollhouse" contest begin???
Peanut Noir, when its someone like Eliza, I'd argue nature doesn't need to be improved.
Ooh, she's shiny.
Brings back my boyhood crush I had on her when she first appeared in Buffy.
What SteppeMerc said :)
Ya'll sound like an episode of Ugly Betty.

Eliza is gorgeous... and her skin is made of milk. No one with an IQ of 5 would need to know that from just looking at her face to face.
Is airbrushing even used any more? Isn't it all Photoshop now? Or is it still called air brushing even if it's done with Photoshop?
Oh, and nice pictures.
Damn, I guess I can't afford those subscriptions to Fangoria and Script and Creative Screenwriting anymore... have to drop one of them, because now I have to subscribe to Allure.
I have to say, after looking at all the pictures, Eliza's doesn't seem be quite as airbrushed/photoshopped as the others. Padma's in particular they seem to have gone way overboard on, it doesn't even look like a real person. Eliza's though isn't too bad, she was more photoshopped in the Maxim spread.

That being said, I think Eliza looks great here. She's obviously comfortable with her body, so good for her.
Never mind real person. In general, Maxim and FHM both go so far overboard on the "fixing" that their images don't even look like real photos.

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