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April 13 2009

You can vote for a second season of Dollhouse or your other favorites in this newspaper poll. Results will be published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

This is an annual survey, and the results are always compiled and discussed in a prominent article in the paper. It is strictly one vote per computer, and they discount outlandishly large votes which look like a hoax. It is all about what viewers want to see return, and what they have no use for. They ask your zipcode- so PA voters may be taken more seriously as actual random readers-vs. an organized fan group.

"Series receiving an inordinate, unbelievable number of votes will be disqualified."

Uh-oh, maybe we shouldn't invoke the fandom.

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I was thinking maybe it would be best if responded to by just Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio fans...believable readers of the paper, as the zipcode is asked. Each person only votes once...that should be a good honest showing without being "outlandish." Also, as ActualSize notes,there is a place for an individual comment..if you leave one, they can see you are an individual voting once. I don't think they want to exclude a fandom per se- that would be contrary to the whole idea of assessing popularity. It's machine voting they don't want, most likely.

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This poll allows us to vote for lots of shows to keep (and lots of shows to cancel), so we aren't limited to voting just for Dollhouse or just for another favorite. It also allows comments at the end. Thanks, toast.
Will people that leave comments rather than simply voting be given more of a priority? And by commenting, I mean more than "SAVE so-and-so."
Bugger. Voted before reading this so didn't leave any comments.

But at least this is a survey where I didn't have to choose between DH and SCC.
As goes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, so goes the nation?
I voted before reading deepgirl187's suggestion too (before reading any comments here). I enjoyed this poll, and felt that I had a legitimate right to take it since they can see by my zip code that I'm not from their area (so they can ignore me if they wish). It was fun to not only vote for the shows I love, but also to vote against all the 'reality', game shows, and other stuff I really can't bear. Under comments I just said how frustrating it is to be in that demographic (older women) than no one cares about: no one has me as their target audience, and no one cares if I like what is on TV or not.
you'd be surprised Simon, everywhere I've been in the country, if I tell someone I live in Pittsburgh, I've met at least one person who's lived here *LOL*

just sayin'.
We of the 'burgh may be atypical, though,edcLover9 as a medium-sized city still supporting two (!)daily newspapers, in this time of bankruptcy and financial shakiness for some of the most prominent big-city papers .

(Of course the other paper, which is not of my political persuasion, to say the least, may not actually be supporting itself. Wealthy publisher, Richard Scaife, was recently involved in some pretty public family money feuding. His ex-in court- argued that that other paper was so propped up by his personal funds that it should be considered a hobby, rather than a business! But, I digress.)

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Embers: I enjoyed taking it too, for the same reasons.It kind of gave me the illusion of Nielson-hood there for a bit.

I'm not sure why older women aren't a favored demographic anyhow- seems to me I'm always buying stuff. I certainly have more discretionary income than I had as a young woman, or a middle aged one with kids in college...then, it was virtually none.Now,at least, if I want a book or cd,or something badly enough, I can generally manage to buy it.
I voted before reading the suggestions as well, but hey, I'm from Ohio, so I'm fair game anyway. And I left a comment saying how much I hope Dollhouse comes back.
I enjoyed the caution about "invoking the fandom" - this phrase tickles me. :)
Since the shows in question are not just on/made for Pittsburgh I think a person could still vote. Besides living in Columbus, Ohio, being a Steelers household, and reading the online edition of the Post-Gazette regularly (our hometown paper sucks) makes me feel way less guilty. The world is a lot less 'local' than they probably realize.

Now if I only knew what half those shows were...
Haha, I get the Post Gazette, but I accidentally hit enter after my email, so I don't get to vote. Too bad they have so many already cancelled shows on the lists.
Toast: I spend money too, but I'm driving a 15 year old car (so obviously the car companies find me frustrating) and I'm STILL using a VCR, so I can kind of understand the view point that I don't keep up with all the latest stuff the advertisers want to sell. OTOH I do have a really sweet brand new iMac, and I travel, go to shows, and buy lots of DVDs and stuff. *sigh*
I have to admit, I took way too much pleasure in marking more than half of the VH1 entries off to be cancelled. ;)
Only half, deepgirl187? I marked them ALL to be cancelled!
No thanks, I'm good.
Voted. Oh, and this was my comment.


I'm voting for dollhouse.

Thanks so much for reminding me to only vote once, because as a frothing-at-the-mouth-fangirl I sometimes just can't help myself.

Well, I'm in a different country...

Anyway, in my very interrupted sleep this morning, I dreamt at least three times that Dollhouse had been renewed. It could just be wishful thinking, but with each renewal of Dollhouse was the cancellation of T:SCC, and I don't care either way about that show.

*ponders more sleepage*
I you want to use a Pittsburgh the top of my head...

15212, 15214, 15237, 15213, 15219, 15221, 15235

Not that I'm encouraging subterfuge :P BTW - the reporter responsible for this poll is a big Buffy fan, so he might visit Whedonesque.....
15208, 15217, 15222, 15206. Just, well, as a courtesy, because some people, you know, collect zipcodes. It's like trainspotting, only not.
To remove double posting

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Good poll. And a good list of pretty much everything on television.

There's a lot of shows I don't watch, but I didn't vote to cancel any of them. I figure someone must like them. Liked that I could vote for lots to keep.
I guess it makes it a more legitimate poll by screening peeps a bit, but I don't like to just randomly give my email and other personal information.

I won't be registering to vote.
My comments were "More quality SciFi Fantasy (BSG/Dollhouse/T:TSCC) and "no more reality shows, ever".
Made a couple more as well, but I'm not in their favored demographic either, so will probably be ignored.
Well, no one connected with the poll has said anything about a "favored demographic" seems to be a pretty straightforward survey of all viewers. What, if anything at all, the networks make of the results is a different matter.
Thanks for that. It's good that viewers are able to say if they think a show's been on too long. I voted for keeping "Dollhouse" of course, but there are certain shows, a couple even on Fox, that television can probably do without.
Voted against the dancing and model "reality" shows. And CSI: Miami, for the way that Bad Guys are targeted by the Good Guys before any evidence is found.

"Series receiving an inordinate, unbelievable number of votes will be disqualified."

It says a little more than that (now??).
("Dollhouse" and "Terminator" fans, you've been warned.)

Born in Pittsburgh, and lived there for the SuperBowls and the World Series. (Just missed the Stanley Cups.)
Yes, OneTeV, that language was added!
Yikes! I guess that means that Dollhouse and Terminator are doing well... too well.

In any case, as a once and future Pittsburgher, I voted.
LOL I noticed the added language when I was voting. It made me smile. We have power enough to be warned. I knew that. Tis nice to be acknowledged now and then ;)

Totally voted for DH plus some other cool and smart shows (rare as they may be)! I 'vote' cancelled some shows that I dislike, it didn't feel bad *g*.
It seems like Dollhouse and Terminator are pretty much being hobbled. Ostracizing certain fanbases won't yeild an honest result.

Anyway, I voted for Dollhouse obviously. Although with an English post code Im not sure I count...
Well, I don't think the reporter means to "ostracize" a fanbase, but he may be intending to express the results as a somewhat valid "snapshot" of the general viewing public. But, posting the poll online, which saves him tedious work counting ballots, also means that shows with stronger online fanbases (ahem - Science fiction and genre) are going to have greater access and motivatin to participate. If he wants a "local Pittsburgh" snapshot of viewers, he should include a request or warning that the poll is limited to Pittsburgh region viewers.

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