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April 13 2009

Neil Patrick Harris debuts on Out Magazine's Power 50 list. Neil debuts on the list at number 28. Also included: a goofy picture of him, and an extra "e" in "Whedon."

Why do they never get the name right? I mean, it's not hard. They either call him Josh or Wheedon.

Also I loved it that you tagged this gay

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Article sez, "...Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog... earned more than $2 million on iTunes in a few weeks."

Anyone know where they pulled those numbers from?
I wonder whether the constant misspelling of our hero's name is a running gag for some of these people - I mean, it seems improbable that so many people would be incapable of performing, or unwilling to perform, a quick spelling check.

Also, hbojo: Yes, Neil Patrick Harris is gay.
Yup hbojo.

Someone should do a list of "Top 50 Mispelt Names" as im sure Jose Wheledone would rank somewhere.
I'd wager Jonatha Brooke's name would fall somewhere on that list as well.
go neil!! but i bet the person writing the artical just got excited to be including such a genius in his/her artical, and they got so jumpy they added an extra e. Wheeeedon!
and hbojo, he's gay.
While we're giving people grief for spelling Joss' name wrong, we should probably try to do it with correct capitalization and punctuation.
Agreed. It does Mr. Harris a disservice.
Nice to see Neil Patrick Harris on the list, but I have to say I don't actually recognise a lot of the other names on there.

[ edited by MattK on 2009-04-14 07:52 ]
Where's the goofy picture? Where's the extra "e?"
I don't think I could love NPH any more than I do. He's a good role model for actors, teens, and adults. I think his partner is Alyson's high school boyfriend Scooter on HIMYM.
Invisible Green - Maybe "goofy" was too strong a word. Maybe the picture at the link is just "not that great," but that's significantly less succinct than "goofy." Although, taking into account this explanation, I suppose it might have been more brief to just say "not that great." Oh, well.

As for the extra "e," I swear when I made the link, they had misspelled "Whedon" as "Wheedon." I suppose they have now remedied that.
Oh, okay. I don't mean to complain, I was just a little disappointed.

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