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April 13 2009

T1 Starfury Convention next weekend in England. A three day conference for fans of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Chuck, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

Date: April 24-26, 2009
Venue: Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel
Guests: Summer Glau, Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, Amy Acker, Jonathan Woodward, Felicia Day, Georges Jeanty.

There is also an announcement about Andy Hallett's Death on the main page,here

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Please make sure to punctuate link titles that are full sentences and if you ever post something in ALL CAPS AGAIN I WILL COME AND FIND YOU ;).
That's just a C&P from the main page - it's worth mentioning that those aren't the only guests. Clare Kramer is the MC, Stephanie Jacobsen is there for T:TSCC as well as Summer and Dominic Keating is there as a bonus guest because he felt like it.
@ Zeitgeist

Sorry, i just copied and pasted it, didn't realise lol
WHAT'S WRONG WITH TYP-----just kidding.

It's a pet peeve of mine too.
Hey z, what's "puntuate"?
(Hee. See how upsetting those caps were?)
While you're at it zeitgeist, can you also go 'get' the people who don't use any capitals or periods at all?

Frankly, if people can't be bothered to punctuate, I can't be bothered to read their posts.
Man, I'd just gotten the whole e e cummings poetry society interested in joining, and now I'm gonna have to tell them no.
But, the link title is not a full sentence...
I think adding "(Cameron)" under Summer Glau's name is a tad superfluous. I can't imagine anyone going to that page who doesn't know who she is!
man l wish they'd have conventions like this in upstate ny like buffalo or rochester
Man, I'd just gotten the whole e e cummings poetry society interested in joining, and now I'm gonna have to tell them no.

hee hee :).
:D Me and my mam are going to this con, I can't wait! My mam bought our tickets in November as a birthday present to me. Anyone from here going?
Both Amy Acker and Summer Glau in the same place! Dear Lord, Im glad I cant afford going there, as my brain would probably melt. But Im still very envyous on all you who can go there. Have a nice weekend.
I want to go so badly as Brum is right near me but dear numfar im so broke :(
My thoughts exactly Satai (with Punsch). I was freaking ought enough at the NY Comic Con just listening to Joss and Tahmoh, and getting Georges' signature rendered me to a few monosylabic words. If I had actually gotten Joss and Tahmoh's signatures, the pathetic scraps of communication skills I had managed to cobble together to interact with other humans would have disappeared, and I would have merely grin, mumble and thank profusely.

But with Summer and Amy, those reactions would pale in comparison. And um I'm not talking about the comparing of man reactions. Thanks Topher, I think you've ruined that word for me in serious conversation. I mean I wouldn't be able to do anything other than stare, grin wildly, and occasionally bow towards them. And possibly start up a new religion afterward.

I had thought of making depressing post about the futures of the numerous shows there, but I'd rather focus on the awesomeness that is them and the shows that we do have, rather than the ever present dread the future, personified in the same manner as it was in Gollum's riddle. So instead I choose to see this as somehow furthering my ideal alternate universe in which, though T:SCC is sadly canceled, Dollhouse does so very well, and Summer becomes a cast member. Or T:SCC and Dollhouse both survive, with actors guest starring in the other show.

If you cannot all tell, I'm a mite loopy right now, hopefully I won't have to edit to much or explain my jabberings in the morning.

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Ah, I really wish I could go, but it's both too expensive and too time-consuming at this time of year (run-up to exams), not to mention I've already booked for a few talks at the Cambridge Wordfest that weekend. It's a shame though, because it really does sound wonderful.
Even if no Whedonesquer is going, will there be some interent source there, for us to here the actors opinions on the future of the show? I'm particularly wondering if Summer will talk more about Serving Girl.
Sort of ironically, despite normally living less than 100 miles away that's the one week of the year that i'm gonna be in Scotland. I dunno, it's all about pleasing the vast majority with some people, from my perspective that's terrible customer service.
You are so right SteppeMerc. And come to think of it, that new religion thingy, not such a bad idea. Or perhaps we can work it in somehow in the Cult of Joss?
Where are you going in Scotland, Saje? I hope the weather's good for you - it's been a bit up and down in Edinburgh this week.
Damn my continental displacement! If only I were up-over, instead of down-under.
West coast-ish NotMandatory, starting in Fort William (hopefully up the Ben if the weather's good enough) and then north-westish glancing off the Knoydart peninsula and upwards. Just being there is fantastic but yep, I wouldn't hate it if we got at least a couple of marginally less dreich days ;).
Nice one! I'm jealous - just got back from a week clambering around the Lakes and don't want to be back in the office.
But, the link title is not a full sentence...

Yes, I got used to spouting the standard line :). While a fragment, the headline text (which, you'll notice, in newspapers is rarely a proper sentence either) it is decidedly not a part of the Description field, either, so best to demarcate with some form of punctuation. Whew, now we can both sleep tonight!
Hehehehe I'm going hehehehe!! So excited but I fear my head may explode if i meet Amy and Summer!!!
Man, I'd just gotten the whole e e cummings poetry society interested in joining, and now I'm gonna have to tell them no.

If you were my Facebook friend, you'd know I would've just banned them outright ;).
and the
cancellation fearing
post links
I maybe could have gone to this if I'd planned better, or at all. At present, I'm stuck in a tiny country with no passport, because I'm an idiot. Gazzy and anyone else lucky enough to go, enjoy. I hope people ask about stuff other than the fate of the shows on the bubble, since I expect that there will be ad nauseum coverage of the actors not knowing anything about that.
spike_lover I'm going.

I'll be posting some info/photos steppemarc when I get back. If no-one mentions Serving Girl at a Q&A I'll ask Summer at the auto signing or the meet and greet. That's if I'm not all overcome with excitement.
I wish I could go, Birmingham is only 45 minutes from me. But - too expensive, sigh, etc.
The Do That Girl are you as excited as I am? lol.
And I too will be posting pics and info sometime when I get back.
Only 10 days to go. :D
Any suggestions on questions that I should ask???
Just avoid mentioning iPods ;).
No, iPods are ok. Just request that they submit their playlists here ;)

I like character questions, because sometimes the actor's speculation is as interesting as if they knew what Joss or other writers were up to. Ex. Why does Dr. Saunders never leave the Dollhouse? How is it different playing Cameron from Alison from Palmdale?

eta: I guess I'll have to be content spending next weekend with Enver.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2009-04-14 22:49 ]
Amy & Clare have cancelled tonight (they've both been cast in movies). Miracle Laurie is now attending, however. :)
Miracle's attending? I know Miracle. And I'm not going. Wah!
Ner-ner. :D

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