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April 13 2009

Happy Birthday, Sarah Michelle! On April 14, 1977, like a glorious tax refund from above, she was born.

I am not idolatrous. I am merely fond of the water she walks on.

Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday and many many more.

/As a tax accountant, I enjoyed the headline :)!

Is it the 15th yet, please...?
Happy birthday!
I find it interesting that I throw a small party for her birthday, yet ignore my own...

And she's totally worth it. Happy birthday, Sarah!
Hahaha, what a wonderfully written post. Kudos.
Sarah's getting a tax refund? Huh????!

Seriously, salutations to SMG/P, looks like this one's set to be a hell of a productive year, too!

Edited at 'KungFu's request. Are we all happy now?

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Happy Birthday Sarah!

Dollhouse on Wednesday so close...
Happy Birthday Sarah!
Happy Birthday, Sarah! This would make her 32, yes?

On a related note, can we please stop with the tiny text? It's unnecessary (these work just fine, thank you) and it's torture on my eyes. Glaucoma, Nystagmus and Lazy Eye are enough.
Wonderful word choice, Pointy, as ever. :-) And, while I'm here, happy returns to Smidge and congratulations once again to her and her husband on GP3.
Happy birthday Sarah!! :-D
Of course I merely admire the consistency of water beneath the lady's feet. This implies nothing. Happy birthday!

Imdb's STARmeter says happy birthday, too: "Up 273% in popularity this week." ;)
Happy Birthday Sarah!
Happy birthday, Sarah!
Thank you for being born..Happy Birthday Sarah!
Happy Birthday Sarah! :)
Happy Birthday Sarah!! and many more :)
I'm surprised... someone's yet to crack a joke about how she might have to fight a vampire blind-folded with her hands tied behind her back now that she's turned 32 (it's what all Slayers must do at that age).

I know, stupid comment; but SOMEONE had to say it. If not me, then who?
Happy Birthday, la bella Sarah! :-)
Happy Birthday to SMG!
Happy Birthday, SMG! I will be effectively blowing my diet and having a piece of cake in honor of Her Buffness :)
Happy Birthday to at least part of the reason that many are on this site!! I vote that days like this become a public holiday for nerds...who's with me?!
That is such a good idea BlueSkies that I have taken the rest of the day off! If only.... Happy Bday SMG.
Happy Birthday, Best Wishes :D
It should be a public holiday :). Does it count if we just slack a little in the middle of the day?
Happy Birthday to the most ageless beauty in Hollywood :)
Happy 32nd Birthday Sarah!
Happy Birthday SMG, lets hope this year is a great one for you with films and your privite life.
Happy Birthday Sarah! Wishing you the best in health and happiness this year.

LOL. All for a SMG holiday.
Happy birthday SMG(F ?) and many more.

(make the most of this one, it's your last power of two for quite a while ;)
Happy Birthday SMG! Yet another reason why 1977 was the best year ever! And what a wonderful way to post my first post! I'm with you too BlueSkies! (I don't usually use so many exclamation points, I'm just so thrilled to finally be able to post here, hee...hi everyone!)
Welcome aboard, bloodyrockerswitch!
Long have I yearned, BlueSkies, twinkle, zeitgeist, Anne 5_by_5, and bloodyrockerswitch, for . . .

International Sarah Michelle Gellar Day

Couple of years anyway.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, dear Sarah!
And greetings from Ukraine - you have many fans here :)
Woot, happy birthday to her! :D
I share a birthday with her. Growing up with Buffy I used to think this was such a divine coincidence :)
Hmm, "under her feet" would be quite a wide expanse of water, wouldn't it?

Sorry, I can't help being a bit catty when I like someone, even if she's a dog person. (Heck, I bought & sat thru Harvard Man Saturday, can dedication go further?)

Seriously, Happy B'day, Sarah, and "corn grits" again on what my ex-wife would call "the little perskon."
Happy birthday, danielgm86!
Thank you, Pointy.
Yes Pointy, an International Sarah Michelle Gellar Day has arrived, your yearning payed off! So can you now yearn for a 2nd season of Dollhouse and (somehow) more Buffy-related goodness on tv? And Happy Birthday to you as well danielgm86,divine coincidence, or divine intent? And because it can't be said enough; Happy Birthday SMG! (there I go with those pesky exclamation points again, I can't help it, I'm just ridiculously happy to be here and will try and keep them to a minimum. I mean after today! hee, oh! it's a pleasure to be here zeitgeist, and as soon as I figure out how to make your names bold without making the entire post bold I'll edit my comments,hee, sorry about that)
Yearning. Yearning yearning yearning. Yearning some. Then some more. :D
Happiest of Happys to the Buff-ster herself. first post gathered now the time to propose that I take over the world...? Just putting it out there...
Happy Birthday! Hope it's the best one ever.
BlueSkies, if your taking over the world leads to not only a SMG Holiday but also perhaps a Whedon Week and a Mutant Enemy Month? You've got my vote, from one first post-er to another ;)
Happy Birthday Sarah :)
Happy Birthday SMG! I also just found out I have the same birthday as Dichen Lachman! =)
You got it bloodyrockerswitch!! SMG and Whedon love for all!!
Happy Birthday SMG/P! Although I've no idea what time it is in the US now, so possibly Happy Unbirthday SMG/P! Hope she has a great time with either.
Happy Birthday, SMG!
Hope you have an awesome Birthday, Sarah!
Happy birthday, Sarah! ...and congrats on the recent baby news!

(bloodyrockerswitch, I know what you mean. Hooray for a holiday finally arriving so we could register! I would hate to be someone finding the site in the beginning of August...)
If nobody caught it, my post incldued a jocular reference to the fact that, for somebody 5'2" tall soaking wet (?,) she has remarkably big feet. Gorgeous ones, yes, but noticeable. Same goes for Amber Bensons's nose, in hard profile that is.

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