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September 09 2003

Entertainment Weekly Profiles 'Tru Calling' in Its Annual Fall TV Preview Issue. The article is from the issue dated September 12th, with Alicia Silverstone of 'Miss Match' on the cover, and runs from pages 70-73.

So... with all the rumors (which were then denied by Fox) that've circulated about this series, is Fox still going to air it? According to the article, it begins airing on October 30th, so we'll see.

Well Fox have finally done a proper website for Tru Calling. Seeing as I haven't downloaded the pilot I'll review the site.

It's Flash (evil in my book but looks pretty anyhow). Nice haunting music presumably by Robert Duncan. Wireless messaging *shrugs*, and has some behind the scenes video stuff. Fox when they make the effort do better websites than UPN and even The WB. No sign of any promos though.

I give it 7 out of 10 and Eliza does look very hot. Lalalalalala.
Slow as molasses on an iMac DVSE 400, of course, almost to the point of unusability. Sigh.

Interesting that they downplay Faith so much in Dushku's bio.
Most entertainment clients don't think very much about their websites being backwards compatible with older computers. They want the latest and greatest (and many times useless) technologies to go with their Flash and bang. Fox is one of them.

You could also go as far as to say the same applies to much of their network programming as well. Flash and bang and no substance.
The premise behind this series seems so much one trick pony. What? Every week she meets a new dead person? Sometimes they're good and sometimes they're bad? Now where have I seen that before?
I occassionally wonder what people thought about Buffy back before it first aired in 1997. A girl killing vampires? How stupid is that?
Over in the "Friday" section, There's a very short bit comparing Alicia Silverstone's character in "Miss Match" to Buffy, plus an interesting fact that ties the two series together in another way besides Charisma Carpenter.
I saw a commercial for Tru Calling while watching "The O.C." last night. They really played up the Run Lola Run aspect and it had a vaguely feminine/ soapy feel to it. Think I'll stick with Survivor.
You referring to this article Robo-Ritter? Not sure why I can access it on the EW site.

And in case anyone is wondering, Miss Match is filmed on the old Buffy set.

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