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April 14 2009

Tonight at PaleyFest09 - the Dr. Horrible Panel. Starring Nathan, Felicia, Maurissa and The Brothers Whedon. Will we hear news about a possible Act IV?

There should be a fair few people twittering, blogging etc during this (though wouldn't you want to pay attention?) so we'll not starve for coverage. So if you come across any links, do post them in the comments section.

I have just checked into the "lovely" Motel6 here in Hollywood, just around the corner from La Cantina (of Browncoats Backup Bash fame), and am relaxing prior to tonight's festivities.
I am at work. The clock slowly ticking off each agonizing minute as I wait for 4 PM to leave for the dome. I may not twitter much (@danregal) but I will be taking photos. Hopefully I will be able to get them posted reasonably fast.
What time are we supposed to be there/should we get there? Especially those of us in the peon seats?

ETA: Actually, never mind. Irrelevant question since my schedule actually is dependent on they who have my ticket. Heh.

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Our reporters on the scene :).
HATE that I have to work tonite, and that I'm supposed to be sleeping...because I want to be glued to this site for this thread and Dan's pics! :(
Ah, b!X, the ever mysterious,"they".
I am expecting full and complete accounts! Now first off: who do I need to follow on twitter?
embers, you probably already are following those who will be tweeting the panel. I know @tabz for sure will be. Anyone else? I don't want to throw a bunch of @'s up here without asking.
I'll be tweeting from the panel - you can follow me @cosmiclagoon. :)

I passed by the Arclight on my way to work around 1:15, and there were already people lining up. I think it's going to be a good night. :)
Someone ask the panel if they're writing a role for Eliza Dushku (or Jason Segel) in Dr. Horrible 2.

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How exciting! I'm expecting lots of great paleyfest info.
This is completely off topic, but while we are waiting for the goodness that this panel will be, has anyone heard from snot monster from outer space?

I was thinking when a bunch of people joined over easter that snot monster had joined at christmas and that we haven't heard from him/her in a while - i miss snot's lucid and interesting comments!

I apologise if asking this is against etiquitte, being a relative newb myself! enjoy the panel, everyone.
I see (on twitter) some in line (as apposed to online) feuding between danregal and b!x; I wish I was in LA!
embers, I just sent you a list of attendees (that I know of) via Twitter. Link to list for others reading this thread.

Also there's a #paleyfest hashtag already getting some use. If you are tweeting from the panel please use it! For following such things when tweets get really busy, I like to use Twitterfall to follow the hashtag.
WooHoo! Our first twittered photo from Paley Fest:
and yes, it is up side down! Whedonesquers are so excited they are standing on their heads!
And you can see the back of danregal's head. Which definitely means it's a whedonverse world. ;P
Photo #2 courtesy of m'cookies actual.
Ooo, it's starting. (Or so those who are there are saying.)
I'm following tabz (who is posting pics and updating regularly) and korkster, b!x reports that his battery is gone so no twits from him.

You know, I'm a Twitter noob, but can't shake off this feeling that I'm eavesdropping on people...
Well, you are, but you are doing so with everyone's permission.
@loquaciousmuse is also tweeting from the event.
She says: Nathan Fillion would like to have "the hammer is my penis" on his headstone.
Joss thinks that Penny's death made people hate him! Silly silly man, people already hated him for killing Tara, and Wash, and Fred, and Wesley.....
"I learn what im doing tomorrow on whedonesque-maurisa"

According to various tweets, the special guest star in the next Dollhouse episode is indeed . And it is "Heart, Broken" that Joss is singing on This American Life.
hey what time should we get to the event for Dollhouse tomorrow?
Fan question time.
Joss says "Don't ask about our ipods."
Also brought the LOL's.
Paleyfest itself is twittering.
So will we have a wedding thread for J&M on Saturday?
(Sorry to burst in on the PaleyFest thread but...)
NASA just announced that the space node will be called "Tranquility.

Umm... WTF?

Furthermore, they're going to have a Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill (C.O.L.B.E.R.T.).

So... Serenity got shafted.
According to various tweets, there's a Penny digital comic coming in June, and another Dr. Horrible one later too.
Serenity may well have got shafted...but not as much as Colbert did!

BTW- I wasn't even there, but I really felt NPH's absence from the panel. Does anyone know why he couldn't make it?

[ edited by missb on 2009-04-15 05:17 ]
missb, @paleyfest said NPH is out of the country.
It was a good event. Dr. Horrible looked great on the Dome screen, the panel discussion was thoughtful and funny, some good questions were asked, and a shout-out to Whedonesque from Maurisa. And who knew that Dobber was a Joss hat-trick?
Joss's tweet was adorably funny.
The panel was a lot of fun. And Dr. Horrible looked FANTASTIC on the big screen. JMo are getting married on Saturday. Felicia said it best about the future market on the internet; very well-spoken. People brought up Dollhouse & Fox which I didn't think was the proper place. It left a bitter taste to an overall sweet event. Everyone was great. Question that may rival the ipod one - someone wanted to know if the therapist to Captain Hammer was Bob the security from universal.
What the frak? There was a photo line? Someone get me in to take pictures on the photo line for the Dollhouse panel. Hrmph.
and a shout-out to Whedonesque from Maurisa

What was the shout-out?
She learns about what she's doing by reading WHEDONesque.
It seems like there were multiple shout-outs to Whedonesque. Jed and Maurissa talked about how once they released Dr. Horrible online, they immediately went to Whedonesque to read everyone's reactions. They joked that what they mostly saw were a bunch of international posters complaining about how they couldn't watch the streaming video. I thought JW gave a shout-out too but I can't remember the context.
She learns about what she's doing by reading WHEDONesque.

I wonder how it would cost to get James Earl Jones to do a "THIS IS WHEDONESQUE" promo.
I hope they release this on DVD, I wouldn't mind owning the panel in my collection.
Here are my pictures from the event. Enjoy!
Great panel - and don't worry about stalking me on Twitter. :D

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