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April 14 2009

Ausiello: Fox will not be renewing 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. This news comes as no surprise.

No matter how many times they say it, it's not going to hit me until it's official.
Not suprising, but I'm still sadden to hear.
I was never a huge fan of the show, but I do feel bad for Summer. Hopefully she can find another job very soon. She deserves to be seen on tv on a regular basis!
*sigh* This time it's not some random weirdo blogger looking for hits--it's a legit entertainment reporter.

If the whole of this season was as good as the last few episodes, and if they hadn't virtually cut Summer out of four episodes in a row, it would have had a much better chance of renewal.
The use of the verb 'terminate' in news articles about T:SCC's cancellation is not very original, but whatever.

Any chance we'll hear about Dollhouse before upfronts?
I say we take off and nuke the messenger from orbit.

Assuming it's cancelled I kinda hope Summer doesn't end up on '24' cos i've pretty much stopped watching that but whatever she ends up on I hope she's near the centre of the action, that woman can act (when I get the second season DVDs of T:TSCC i've a feeling there're gonna be a lot of subtle little things that I missed in her performance and either way it'll be cool to appreciate the things I didn't - could anyone but a professional dancer make Cameron's not quite human walk work so effectively for instance ?).
I'm sad but not suprised.Really great episodes towards the end.
Not unexpected, but it still hurts: Firefly, T:SCC, and Dollhouse, all gone. Sigh. No wonder fanfic is becoming so popular. I'm going back to watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD for a while. Seems television was better then ... or maybe I'm getting old.
At first all I saw was "Fox will not be renewing..." and had a slight panic attack... then I saw it was SCC... still quite sad... poor Summer... personally I think she would make a good doll ;)
... or maybe I'm getting old.

*ding ding ding ding ding* Sorry, I couldn't resist ;).
and Dollhouse, all gone

Not yet it isn't.
It's definitely a credit to Summer that even though she was not technically the focus of the show, that her character and performance made her definitely the breakout "star" of the show and the person everyone talked about whenever the show was referenced. Summer has definitely proven to be a great actress, both with her work on Firefly and TSCC. It's a shame neither show lasted longer than they did. Maybe she would be better off joining an already existing show rather than starting in another new one.
Dollhouse will be back, I am sure of it. No insider info, just feeling totally secure about that. Therefore, I'd quite like if Summer would be cast on Dollhouse -- but in a role where she does not have to be peculiar. She'd be an asset to any show, but since I already love & watch Dollhouse, this would be really convenient for me. Or, maybe she could be on Lost.
I'll be watching 24 next season for Anil Kapoor, so it would be neat if she were on too. I haven't watched it since season one.

I gave my husband T:SCC season one for his birthday yesterday. He had lost track when they started switching the nights around and never got back into it. I figure even if he doesn't enjoy the rest of the season, it has Summer's dance audition as an extra...

I feel bad for all the fans, even though it never appealed to me.
Oddly, this news just makes me want to watch it, as I've never watched it before, and I usually end up loving whatever FOX cancels. Which is usually painful when I get to the last episode.

It is rather annoying to know 90210 somehow is getting renewed, while worthwhile shows continue to get lucky if they even make it through season one, let alone a second season.
(Spoilers here if you haven't finished watching T:SCC). Pretty disappointing to hear this, but I'm not giving up hope of a future to this show. There's still a big gap between the end of season 2 and Salvation that needs filling - surely there'll be a market for a show based around this after the movie's release, so why not carry on using Thomas Dekker as John in the future with Summer? The Sarah Connor Chronicles might be over, but with Sarah stuck with just James, this'd be a pretty boring concept to carry on with anyway. I still live in hope of seeing Summer as Cameron (or Allison) again.
Like others, I feel sad, but saw it coming. T:SCC is a drama that came from an action background, which made the show feel slower than it was.

"Prison Break" has a Whedonesque link: Wentworth Miller (from Buffy's "Go Fish"). I was thinking that "Prison Break" should have had a cross-over with the last Terminator episode, since Summer's character opened all those prison doors.
There is no part, piece or element of FOX, not the smallest most seemingly insignificant taint of that network's stench that I don't completely and utterly despise. Nothing about FOX says anything other than, "Hi, I'm a network executive and a douche-nozzle."
Haunt, watch it with the insults. I know this hinges on interpreting our rule against insulting people in such a way that network execs are people, but I'm going to run wih that radical concept ;).
I don't think I'm going to believe this (although it's most likely true concidering the drop in ratings) untill FOX officially tells us on May 18th.
I'll be incredibly saddened to see the demise of one of my favourite shows. :(
If it's gone, it went out classy. A really excellent season finale that works as a series finale, though I would certainly like more.
As usual, if I like a show, it will be cancelled. TSCC was starting to get interesting, especially in how they ended the last episode. I almost wish they'd waited to begin the series closer to when the next film comes out. Surely that would have helped. So sad...
Wasn't a fan, but I feel bad for the fans and for Summer :( Hopefully we will see more of her soon!
FOX may not even mention the show (Terminator) in it's May 18th upfront presentation, just a word of caution. If it's not at the presentation, it's not coming back. Because there's a Terminator movie coming out a few days later, Warner Bros will not want official word breaking that the TV series of the same franchise has been cancelled due to low ratings.

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I was a huge fan of the show, but I expected it to not come back for another season. Shame though, since the last four episodes were spectacular. I'm glad it ended well, at least they gave us that.
I might be wrong but Im sure in an earlier 'FOX leaning toward Dollhouse renewal' article it was stated:

'The Fox network is just a step away from shaking up its Friday lineup for the 2009-10 season, canning one show and considering a move to a new night for a second.'

So if TSCC really has been cancelled, could this mean a renewal for Dollhouse?

Sort of a good news/bad news scenario.
Indeed, the ending of this show was brilliant.

As I mentioned at the time on Dollverse (in a round about way), they kicked T:TSCC to the curb and were looking at moving Dollhouse to another night. The Friday Night Sci-Fi idea has been officially abandoned for fall/mid-season within FOX.

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That's too bad for the fans. I've yet to see an episode of the show, unfortunately, but I'm looking forward to catching up on DVD.

Pure speculation here... If Dollhouse somehow manages to get renewed, do you think that might create bad blood between the two fandoms? Obviously, there's a lot of overlap between the two, but wasn't there some animosity between the Dark Angel and Firefly fandoms, when Firefly was originally ordered?
Bad blood usually consists of a bunch of people who post "Your show sucks!!!" on forums for a few months until most people forget. Ultimately, T:TSCC loosing most of it's audience hasn't got anything to do with Dollhouse.
and Dollhouse, all gone

That hasn't been decided. I'm choosing to believe we'll see a second season of Dollhouse.
Yes, though IIRC Dark Angel had already been cancelled prior to Firefly being ordered. It's so commonly believed that Firefly caused DA's cancellation (like the "DVD sales got Serenity greenlit" meme), that its even in the Dark Angel Wikipedia entry.
Really? I read on here a few weeks ago that the DA guys had actually been told they had a third season, but the weekend after that was the one over which Joss and Tim wrote The Train Job, getting them the show instead.
How sad. I've loved this show from the beginning.
Sigh. RIP Cameron. Not surprising, but still really depressing. Really I think that I will have a far harder time enjoying Terminator Salvation now.

I know the ratings weren't there but it is so very frustrating that such a good show got canceled (though the first few second half of second season episodes weren't doing it for me, the last two were really good and its still way better than the majority of TV shows).

OTT Fan Complaint: My only hope is somehow Terminator will have sated the Fox exec's hunger of canceling good shows, allowing Dollhouse to survive. /OTT Fan complaint
Yeah, not the case as I understand it. I don't believe that the weekend of "The Train Job" fame coincides with the cancellation of DA. It was probably more to do with the ratings being half what they had been, moving the show to Friday, loss of cast members, decreased budget, and concerns over the tone and format in year two. Things that are always mentioned as valid reasons (and they are!) right before someone says "Yeah, but if it weren't for Firefly..." :).

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Wow...that's depressing...I just started watching it a few weeks ago and now it's all over...Damn you Fox! How can you just keep teasing us like this!!
I feel like a gullible, battered spouse. Knowing that Fox is just waiting to bloody my nose, I keep going back-hoping that THIS time will be different. Meh. You've blown it, Fox. Good luck with Dancing With The Top Model Island Date My Hamster Cake Showdown Sing-o-thon or whatever else you have waiting up that greasy sleeve of yours.

So guys, do we start mailing Lego Bionicles to Fox in order to pester them into reviving The Sarah Connor Chronicles?
Well, that's good. I was feeling guilty as a Firefly fan.

I'm not a TSCC fan--I watched the first five episodes, and it just wasn't my thing--but I can't take any sort of joy in the cancellation of a show. I just think of the poor fanbase (which, from what I understand, is still clinging desperately to hope--so familiar).
I enjoyed it, but I can live with this. I hope it means Dollhouse will be staying. Because I really need more of it. Like 4 more seasons at least. <3 I have a hard time believing that they'd get rid of BOTH but that's my stubborn and probably misguided optimism, I suppose..

Like a million other people have said - Summer should join Dollhouse ! :)
I know I'm in the minority here, but I don't think Fox enjoys paying millions of dollars for shows that don't catch and maintain an audience. To be frank, T:SCC may only have survived to the end of S2 because of a price break that the studio gave the network on it to promote Salvation.
I tried to watch TSCC during season one but it became rapidly background noise much in the same way Bones did. Though the pool scene was amazingly well shot, whoever directed that one deserves much praise. I'm just surprised that they couldn't find a way to get the Terminator franchise to work on the small screen. Kudos to Fox for giving it a second season.
zeitgeist, I'm sure that is the case. It makes me feel better to rage against Fox, but really it is illogical for them to have kept it, with the ratings which were plummeting before the move to Friday. (sarcasm) So that of course means I have to rage against people who didn't watch it (/sarcasm).
Ah, closure! Now that it's cancelled, I'll Netflix it.
That sucks. :( Really.

I only ever saw like the first two or three ep's of ses. 1 when it was shown here, but just wasn't my thing.

Maybe if it's ever re-run or I get the DVD. Who knows. XD

But yeah, that still kinda sucks for the fans of the show and the actors and everybody. :(
Ugh! This is just too disappointing! It was expected, but to actually see it... ugh! This is the first television show I've watched from the Pilot and haven't missed it since. And that finale was just epic in every way. I'll take a continuation no matter what format. I don't want it to end there.
I'm just thankful the the rumored huge cliffhanger everyone was dreading would leave the story hanging forever actually tied things up nicely. It was open-ended yes, but it came full circle. If it had to end, at least the ending was perfect.

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Condolences to the TSCC fans :(

I will have to Netflix it at some point. If the series finale was really better than Dollhouse #9, it sounds like it's worth seeing.
The show was uneven, and there were some poor episodes this season. On the other hand, there were some very strong ones, and the last few have been top notch. I'm sorry to see it go. And fingers crossed for Summer.
I also have to agree in that i am shocked that they couldn't get the Terminator franchise to work in some fashion for tv. I liked TSCC but it always felt like it was on the verge of becoming a cant miss program, maybe given more time it would have been. I am sorry for all you loyal fans of the show.
I really liked T:SCC but there was this thing about the show, that I was always waiting for the awesome. We'd get a hint and then they'd pull back again. It was kind of frustrating. Then the last few episodes were a bit of a relief because they were finally delivering, but it was too little too late.
Nice finale though. I really liked how it ended. (Just too bad it is the end.)
Twitter post from Ashley Edward Miller (writer on TSCC):

Time for Ausiello's semi-annual SCC termination report. False again. (Remember "sets were destroyed" report? Now you know context, people).
I'm slightly encouraged by the suggestion that reports of T:SCC's demise may be exaggerated. And I'll offer an apology for my earlier "slander"... mostly to zeitgeist, but I suppose if there were any network execs that could read what I wrote and might have been able to be offended than I apologize to them too. (AND I believe in unicorns.)

As for the calm and rational acceptance that FOX shouldn't be expected to support an expensive series that is not finding an audience...? Well that may be, but such rationalizations will hardly ease the pain when (and yes I'm saying WHEN, not IF) Dollhouse gets cancelled. This is what FOX does. They make a good show at being genre friendly but fail to properly promote and support such shows, constantly shift and reschedule them (just to make sure they CAN'T find an audience), give endless "notes" to the series creators, and ultimately cancel shows prematurely. All presumably to make room on the schedule for the next wave of "genre friendly" programming which will repeat the cycle.

Yeah, sorry. Nothing even remotely approaching sympathy or understanding for FOX in any way.
Disappointing if true,but I've been expecting it.

Hopfully season 2 gets a DVD release.I assume it will.

There's still a big gap between the end of season 2 and Salvation that needs filling - surely there'll be a market for a show based around this after the movie's release, so why not carry on using Thomas Dekker as John in the future with Summer?

ChromeShark,T:SCC and Salvation aren't connected continuity wise.T:SCC ignores Terminator 3 and the new film.
Ashley Edward Miller does make the amusing point on his Twitter that Ausiello reported T:TSCC was about to be cancelled after season one finished. And during season two. That said, I believe Ausiello is pretty much correct (now).

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I have not been a very faithful viewer of the series (beginning to rewatch season 1 online) but I'm still saddened by the news. I did watch the finale and loved it. A great show that was, unfortunately, not seen by enough people (including me, most weeks).

I don't see why the network couldn't give it a mini-season (or maybe a big two-hour send off episode to coincide with Salvation). I hate holding a grudge against FOX but one can only be burned so many times...
This saddens me deeply. This show totally owned my soul. I think the music was beautiful (same composer that wrote BSG's music), the acting was superb, and writing was very well done. I have a heavy heart....
Refuse to believe until the upfronts, though I'm not stupidly optimistic. I know its probably canceled, but I would like to hold on to that little thread. Yes, it got a bit dull mid-season 2, but overall, it's been an excellent and underrated show that was completely outside my genre but I still loved it. I hope we get a crumb, a barest smidgen.
Damn. I've really enjoyed it. :(
Sad days. I've been with this show from the beginning, and though it's been uneven (especially this season), it's had some moments of true brilliance, and I'd gladly stick with it another season or few. Especially after the last five minutes--I'd love to see that scenario play out. Still, I feel like it's gotten a fair chance, and don't really see how it's Fox's fault that the audience shrunk.

On a happy note, the one thing about this show that's gotten consistently good press has been . . . Summer! So hopefully that means people will be eager to snatch her up for other projects as soon as she's officially free.
Actually I think B.A.G. is the one truly reaping the rewards of this series.
I think BAG already has a new pilot already lined up.
Lame, sad, insulting, wussy, craven, unsupportive. You didn't know what you had, you death-slotted it, and you wonder why and you know definitively why you're yanking it.

HBO? Sci-Fi Channel, TNT?
(Sorry if this is a little off-topic but) Joshua Molina sure was great in that last episode, wasn't he?
i'm sad to See TSCC go, but if Fox is choosing between this show or Dollhouse I much rather have Dollhouse.

Even if its only for another half season. But if we can keep both I want both :)
Summer Glau brought this season's most powerful emotional moments for me.
(Sorry if this is a little off-topic but) Joshua Molina sure was great in that last episode, wasn't he?

Whoa whoa whoa. Do you mean Joshua Malina? Was he in the last episode?

Whoamg I just checked his IMDb and he was. Okay, TSCC, you've earned a second chance. I'll be watching you soon. Look out.

"The future, always in motion" and you do know that Jayneway totally messed up the timeline right. T3 has not happened yet nor Terminator: Salvation.

Stay tuned for Terminator: The Beginning. Where John Conner with the help of a liquid terminator, Skynet's good brother, a girl and her dog, John's future father and uncle build the original time machine. Or maybe Skynet (the evil brother) builds it and team Connor takes it. Also there is a warehouse full of Cameron terminator models somewhere in there and John Henry has the Cameron chip.

Really it all fits together. Because how could a terminator go back to kill John Connor who was the son of a future time traveler. Paradox. Stupid Jayneway.

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Joshua Malina is totally my TV boyfriend. Loved him in Sports Night and West Wing.
Whoa whoa whoa. Do you mean Joshua Malina?

Yeah, sorry. Spelling (and ability to edit) fail.

Joshua Malina is totally my TV boyfriend. Loved him in Sports Night and West Wing.

I'm a fan as well. He has some great dialogue in the final Terminator ep. Plays hardball with Sarah Connor and manages to walk away without a pen in his kneecap. No mean feat.
well, still hoping against hope... I love TtSCC.

btw, re: Dark Angel: the show was announced as renewed in some trade paper a couple of days before the final announcement by FOX about the following fall season, but then wasn't. As far as anyone could tell (including people on the writing staff, they talk about it in some of the extras on the DVDs) it was a last minute decision. By that point FOX already had one (expensive) sci-fi show coming up (Firefly) and at the time it was said to have been a factor.

Mostly, DA's second season had declining ratings: the network meddled (surprise), the show was sort of retooled, inserting more fantasy elements with a bit less enphasis on "The USA is now a third world country after a terrorist attack blew all the computers, the government is bad and corrupted" (9/11 had just happened) and, guess what, moved to Friday nights. The ratings went down accordingly. After all was said and done, James Cameron went on record calling the FOX executives a "bunch of wankers".
now, that its almost official that its over, I'm gonna go watch TtSCC for the first time.
Really, TSCC was essentially canceled after the ratings came in for the first few episodes of season 2. The move to Friday confirmed that.
TtSCC is worth watching all of just to see the finale. Remarkable episode!
But, at least they got out with a bang. Great ending, and a big contrast to the poor/mediocre mid-season episodes. And it ended in a place it could properly end, while still leaving the way open for any number of followup seasons. Definitely worth watching.
Damn. Was hoping against all hope. Love the show. Not BSG-level love, but still, love of sorts.

And I want to see BAG in something else soon.
Harmalicious said: I think the music was beautiful ...

Yeah I haven't seen it mentioned much but it really was - it was haunting and evocative but also worked in action scenes and it had a whiff of Brad Fiedel's awesome score but without being a carbon copy.

T:TSCC was uneven, moreso in the second season so I must admit I can understand both cancellation and people not watching (though I don't like either) but it was a sci-fi action series that, at least twice, actually dared to become art IMO. Once with the swimming pool scene in season 1 and once in a brilliant scene between Cameron and John in the season finale (which I won't spoil).

If it's gone i'll miss it.
Enjoyed series 2 more than series 1, enjoying the flash forwards moments especially. Haven't seen the end of this yet as I'm in the UK.

Sad news.
I'm so sad, this is my favourite tv show along with HIMYM.

I guess I was hoping against hope for a renewal though.
saje,, dreamlogic, gossi, what you've all said. With such a brilliant windup, I was a bit consoled at its probable cancellation -- the ending just felt so right. I'll return to this series as often as I do to Firefly. And saje, you're also right about the art bit, more than twice I thought, starting with the "ballet school" episode. From a pure-SF-action viewpoint, when Cameron set up the first device and blew them all time-forward I knew we were going somewhere -- but I was surprised and moved by how many characters we came to believe in and care about.
It was uneven, but it had moments where it transcended and for that and a lot of other reasons, I will miss it.
... starting with the "ballet school" episode...

Oh good call, how could I forget Summer dancing ? Agreed, lovely moment.
I agree, it was uneven, at times even painful to watch, but I have to agree that in the end it was worth it. I didn't really see it coming, but the finish was spectacular and made a lot of stuff make sense.

I was quite fond of Cameron's "I love You"-moment in the season 2 opener and "Allison from Palmdale" and "The Tower is Tall but the Fall is short" are two very good hours of TV. There was some bad stuff along the way (for instance, I really didn't get much out of the "Sarah is crazy... or is she?"-trilogy when they moved to Friday, but ever since the Jimmy Carter-two parter, things started to click together. And now I miss a show that I have never really loved along the way. Crazy feeling.
As much as SCC's apparent fate saddens me, I can't wait to see what these actors (especially Summer Glau) do next. I can't see any of these actors' careers going anywhere but up as a result of this show.
But Brian Austin Green was interviewed by Comic Book Resources less than a week ago ("after the season finale of 'Terminator' aired") and claimed that the future of the show was not yet decided and he remained hopeful of a third season.

Now that's not to say that T:TSCC won't be cancelled — I think it has very little chance of getting a third season. But it does rather bring into question just how reliable this Ausiello article is, as it quotes an unnamed source "close to the show" as saying that "Everyone has pretty much known for a couple of weeks."

I say wait for May 18th. Not because T:TSCC's chances are being underrated, but just because this article smells like unsubstantiated gossip to me now (and yes I do realise that Ausiello is a generally reliable and reputable source, but he isn't infallible).
Really late to this wake, but so sad about this. I've loved this show from the beginning and it just kept getting better. Of course it had uneven moments, no show is perfect (except BSG ;) but it was generally excellent and had some moments of genuine transcendence.
Is it OK to insult Fox, if I leave the (assumed) humans running it out of the insult?

The only thing that will assuage my Fox hate now, is a full, untampered-with second season of Dollhouse.


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