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April 14 2009

11 Best Villainous Species. Paste Magazine counts down the top 11 species we love to have hate us. Reavers chomp down on the 10th spot.

Reavers don't hate us. They love us. They think we're tasty.
I thought Reavers and Sith are both human?
We're not only tasty, we're also sexually attractive and great sources of clothing... Damn, we're are just so pretty!
Wow, I thought it was a pretty well put together list until around number 6 - way to blow it in the second half. Two from Stargate, plus two more that aren't distinct species (as Sunfire pointed out) and worst of all, The Flood from Halo but nothing from Half-Life. Yuck.
It's nice to see that Reavers made the cut, but it's hard for me to take this list seriously with the glaring omission: where are the aliens of Alien, Aliens, the 3rd one (which I think was pretty bad) and Alien Resurection? Joss wrote the script for the last one, and I found that movie's exploration of what makes a human a human to be one of the most interesting of any movie I've seen.
On second thought, I count five of them that aren't truly a "species." Reavers and Borg are both born as something else. The Sith, of course, are more of an order or an organization, Cylons were created by humans, and Flood are a borderline case. While parasites are a species, those they infect are also referred to by the term.

The aliens from Alien are a good example, and I'm sure we could think of many other more worthy entries given time. Why does it seem like they were trying to pad the list?
Honestly, it's hard to take any of these lists seriously. People just like listing things just to get other people talking. I sometimes think they purposefully put things in that others will argue about.
I have to agree that the aliens from Alien movies deserve to be on this list. I think Predator should be also.
Um... unless they are referring to Sith as a species that died out way earlier than the movies, its a system of belief... sorta like saying Jedi are a species. Also, Reavers are humans. Would have made more sense to say vampire, or Skip the demon or something...

Ignorant fools... (grumbles to himself).
Err, the very first sentence of the Sith entry is:
Not a species, per se, but a class to themselves as the weilders of the dark side of the Force.
and the Reavers entry has
Worse than the completely inhuman are those who've lost their humanity. In a world with no alien species, Joss Whedon gave us something more savage.

Or has it been transparently edited in the mean time ? Really don't like it when article authors do that - fine to edit but declare it somewhere please.

For me, the Goa'uld deserve to be on there, not 100% convinced the Wraith do and the Borg would be my number 1 pick too (number 2 would be everyone's favourite evil pepper pots ;). I don't consider Predators to be villainous (they're honourable and crazy brave, they just have different priorities to us) and the Aliens should definitely appear somewhere.
How about the Martians from "War of the Worlds"? Did any of the others listed actually cause a panic?
The Borgs have an "I". At least, a queen.

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