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April 14 2009

Nathan Fillion joins Twitter. Felicia Day posts: "Ok everyone follow @nathanfillion . It's really him! Muhahaha!"

I also noticed that Felicia is following @alydenisof. Could this be the real Alyson Hannigan?
1700 followers in about 30 minutes. Cripses!
(@scottbert on twitter if anyone's bored enough to follow me too...)
I'm wondering how many other Whedonesquers got into Twittering because of Felicia!

(@jamesthegill if anyone wants me)
She'll probably get them all on twitter and then life will be perfect.

(@andrewgleason if anyone wants to follow me... I feel so dirty suddenly)
I like him, but not the site... It's funny that he's on it, now really really big fans can follow his status all the time. 0_o Ummm... I would like to know why he's on it, does anyone know why he's on it?
I hope he keeps twittering, I bet he'll be funny.

Hm, it feels like we just did the twitter-name-posting thing. Oh yeah - we did.
I don't know. If it is Alyson, she's following Martha Stewart...
cool... I mostly lurk on twitter (I think I average less than 1 comment a day, which must be pretty bad) but I follow the stream a lot, I even have searches set up in tweetdeck (one is #dollhouse and there's people still asking if it's cancelled. Bad.). I added all you guys up there to my follows, btw. Oh, also Nathan ;)
Nathan Fillion- Sitting next to FD now- she smells just like she looks she would. Little bit like flowers and fresh laundry and a cupcake.

Evil man for sharing us that :P
So why isn't Joss on twitter? I would think it would be his kind of thing...
Joss just did his first tweet from @drhorrible.

Hey it's Joss, rockin' the Paley w/ my peeps. It's my first twitter, so please be gentle and cuddle me after.

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People do you see his avatar, is that him?
The picture is him. When he was on Desperate Housewives, his character dressed as Frankenstein's monster for a Halloween party.
I also just noticed that Felicia's following "Aly Denisof" on Twitter...anyone know if it's legit? Seems like it could be.
I added him a few hours ago when I saw Felicia's status on Facebook.
He has 11890 followers right now! That's alot. :)
That's not just a lot, that is pretty crazy (in the good way ;) )
He seems to be averaging well over a thousand new followers per hour since joining last night. Here are some statistics...
Time since joining(TsJ): approx. 12hr
Followers to date(FtD): 14-15k
Average followers per minute(FpM): 30 (observed 2pm EST)
Average followers per hour(FpH): 1800
Average followers per day(FpD): 43.2k
Average followers per week(FpW): 302.4k

Remember, this assumes no change in the trends observed.
I have only just (like in the last 24 hours or so) finally gotten around to joining Twitter... @Haunt1013

I haven't learned any of the little hidden joys of it yet, but I'm already loving that Neil Gaiman posts a RIDICULOUS number of tweets.
I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. Most of the time, I find it fairly pointless, glitchy, and filled with "social media experts" who want to follow me. But Being able to follow Wil Wheaton, Neil Gaiman, Felicia Day, and of course Shaq make up for the annoyances. :)

Nathan should be fun to follow, glad he's come aboard.
Neil Gaiman is a great one to follow. He understands how much to twitter and when to keep things private. He's frequently funny too.
It will be interesting to ses if Nathan tweets much. I'll guess about as much as Seth Green, which isn't a lot.
Did we decide that Alyson Hannigan is not the real one?
Click on his avatar photo to see it in a larger version.
Heh, Felicia just twittered that really IS Aly at @alydenisof, and asked for people to follow her because she's lonely.

'Tis funny to think of Alexis singing Rolf Harris songs to the bub!

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