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April 14 2009

Whedon denies that 'Cabin in The Woods' is a musical slasher. Fun quotes from Joss about his and Drew's upcoming movie.

I can't wait. I love Joss, but Drew is also the man, easily one of my favorite Joss collaborators outside the family, along with Jane.

I'm glad its coming out next year, but shame the studio put it at a time that is generally the dumping ground for less than profitable movies. Darn Saw 12 (or whatever) for taking the Halloween slot. It would have been great to have a Hallowhedon (hehehe).
Still mega-cautious and readying myself for disappointment in all honesty (considering most of the script critiques and other various comments made...).

Again, I'm not one for camp.
There's camp and there's camp though.

The release date is a slight worry (I mean, it puts it out of Oscar contention ;-) as is the budget - the norm with horror is to make it pretty cheap and therefore be guaranteed a return whereas IIRC Cabin is costing about $30 million. I kinda wish Joss and Drew would take a leaf out of Kevin Smith's book (who's never made an unprofitable film, partly because he makes them so cheap) but I appreciate that Joss at least likes big visuals (I do too, especially his). Course maybe i'll watch it and the need for that size of budget will become immediately apparent cos it's actually a lot "bigger" than the title suggests.

Very much looking forward to it though, even if I have to accept that I won't be humming along to the dialogue ;).
Apparently some of the characters scream in harmony. But, yeah, I'm thankful that this isn't a musical horror movie. A tuneful slasher could be fun in the future but Dollhouse has given me a craving for Whedon's darker stuff. And speaking of dark Whedon, that scene from 'Spy' in which Dominic was wiped has been going around and around my head. It's quite horrifying most of all because it's a whole group of people who we like calmly doing this to him. It's a brilliant scene from what I'm convinced could be Whedon's greatest show ... if given the time
Yeah, that scene has really stayed with me too, very dark (partly cos Reed Diamond sells it so well - that's clearly a guy struggling with everything he has). I hope we get some inkling of why Boyd was apparently OK with it cos that one just seems like a character inconsistency for now* but that aside, it's very cool to see Adelle at her most human and her most inhuman within the same 10 minutes.

And yep, full-on horror from Joss/Drew will be very cool to see (just to find out what they have in mind, almost regardless of quality in one sense).

* my speculation is that it's because of the grey area with whether a wiped person has actually been murdered - you could justify it to yourself as "just" imprisoning them since until their consciousness is destroyed you can always bring them back. Or it could just be as i've wondered all along and maybe Boyd isn't quite the good guy he usually seems.
So here is my quandry: I hate horror movies. I have loved Joss's work in the past in spite of that. I hated the first bunch of episodes of Dollhouse, and realized they might be very much like the kind of horror I do not like...probably. (I am hardly an expert on the genre, since I avoid it.) So now Joss and DG are doing a real horror movie, horror movie. Before Dollhouse I probably would have gritted my teeth and gone with only minor qualms. Now I am thinking wait and see...maybe rent.


Anything new on "The Serving Girl?"
Alot of Joss's shows have horror movie elements... Buffy had lots of horror movie type episodes.

The first bunch of episodes of dollhouse weren't like horror movies, or if they are, then Fox is the evil monster killing Joss's creative freedom.
I don't see dollhouse as a horror, so I don't think you have to worry about that. I think the closet any of Joss's shows came to a horror movie feel would be 'Hush' from Buffy and 'Billy' from Angel.
Agreed, the Dominic wipe was an amazing scene. It recalls the creation sequence in the original Universal-produced Frankenstein, what with the lightning-like flashes and the "monster" strapped down. Except instead of a mad scientist screaming "It's alive! ALIVE!" we get a group of professionals calmly moving through the procedure like it was a PowerPoint presentation. Just another day at the office.

Deeply unsettling. Can't wait for Cabin.
Yes, Billy was really like a horrormovie. That was absolutly the scariest and creepiest episode of Angel.
I would add Buffy's Helpless to the horror episodes list, at least the last act with powerless Buffy trapped in the house with the crazy serial killer turned vampire.
I forgot about Helpless; that definitely had a horror vibe in it. I think Angel's Hell Bound was also pretty scary.
If you don't want people to think your horror movie is a musical, don't name your horror movie after a song in a musical. ;)

"We're five college students on our way to an old abandoned cabin in the woooooooooooods."
Can't Wait to see this movie. It is going to be in the Cinema, right?
Does anybody know what's going on with Joss' other Movie, Goners?
The only time a Buffy of Angel episode actually sent a chill down my spine was in 'Conversations with Dead People' when we saw Joyce lying on the couch behind Dawn. Both shows were horror-influenced but not really horror IMO. And that makes 'Cabin' interesting to me because it will be the first flat out horror movie from a guy who often identifies himself as a horror writer. (And from Drew too - I feel bad for always ignoring him when I talk about this movie since he co-wrote and directed it)

, though Joss often identifies himself as a horror writer, I'm yet to see much horror from him (haven't seen Alien Resurrection).
Well, Buffy couldn't exist without horror films. Neither could Angel, the Reavers, or most of Dollhouse. But I wouldn't call any of Joss's shows "horror" shows. Buffy co-opts genre tropes to tell its tale, but the vampires are rarely designed to be truly "scary."

Still, especially in the early seasons, Buffy was definitely using "horror" plots, even if its goal wasn't to scare (or even if that was its goal, and it was unsuccessful). Talking ventriloquist dummies? Inca mummy girls? Preying-mantis women? Hyena possessed people? Those are all horror concepts. A lot of the early Angel eps (the more standalone ones) had horror concepts as well. "Expecting" and "I Fall To Pieces" come to mind.

It seems the main difference between Cabin and his other stuff is that it will be pure horror, whereas Alien Resurrection and Buffy are essentially action/horror, because the people being attacked by horrific creatures have weapons and powers and can fight back.

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