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April 15 2009

The Futon Critic's recap of the Dr. Horrible panel. Great write-up of the PaleyFest event. ETA: THR also reports, as does The TV Addict.

That pretty much captures the overall bittersweetness of it. Hearing about Whedonesque was quite a treat. Really loved it.
Will this Paley event (and the Dollhouse event) be on DVD like the Buffy Reunion?
Joss notes that he learned that Sarah Michelle Gellar was in "Dr. Horrible" from reading it.

Aha, so he admits it then !

Sorta ;-).

Great write up, I particularly enjoyed Nathan's extremely deep take on how Hammer would change in any sequel.

"Wait 'til you see her," he says about her appearance in the much-ballyhooed 13th episode. "And wait you will."


It made me a much crankier person and a worse boss. [Points to Jed] You can attest to that."

have worlds of pain contained within, for all concerned.
Yeah, I expect in some time from now we'll be hearing some bitter things about Joss about working with FOX
@ Saje

There was a video interview with Joss saying that it wasn't Sarah Michelle Gellar in Dr.Horrible and if he was to work with her again, she would get more than just a cameo
Saje was joking, gingyfromshrek
They admitted it was SMG on the commentary, though. Unless they were just being facetious...
Joss notes that he learned that Sarah Michelle Gellar was in "Dr. Horrible" from reading it.

See, Sarah Michelle is such an uncanny actor that she even made Joss believe she was someone else!

I, of course, was in on the conspiracy. All along. Yep. Heh heh.
Yep, SMG wore an other-person mask over her own face for Joss and then wore an SMG mask over her other-person mask for us. That might seem complicated but it makes sense if you just bear in mind that Bruce Willis is dead throughout the entire movie. This is a true thing in my head.

Saje was joking, gingyfromshrek

I was indeed, of the kidding ;).

And they were also indeed being facetious in the non-"Commentary !" commentary, Joss has said in a few places that it wasn't SMG (which is, obviously, just another layer of wool pulled over our eyes - as if we wouldn't surmise the truth just because they happen to use facts. Pfft, facts shmacts).

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Bruce Willis isn't dead, he's another doll Adelle hired.
My favorite line (left out of the recap): Jed said that Bad Horse should have been called "Old Horse" - "You see him standing there? That's all he could do - stand there . . .".

What else? IIRC, Felicia, in the midst of schooling the execs, was the one who steered the Whedons back to having Dr. H. streamed for free, and having each act be 15 minutes long - "because you can do whatever you like on the web" (Nathan's comic response, repeated later on, "you can do that?"). "Nobody's Asian in the Movies" was the first song finished for Commentary, and it was so good that Joss hated (jokingly) that his song followed it. Nathan didn't care about the style or lyrics of his song, he just wanted it to be called "Better than Neil." And have a reference to his seven-layer bean dip. Felicia, on the other hand, gave three pages of notes about her song. NPH got "the most excited he's ever been in his life" doing the Foley work for Commentary, according to Jed and Maurisa.

Oh, and Joss specifically identified writing "Heart, Broken" partially in response to what was happening with the pre-Dollhouse craziness. That was sad.
I just looked up the lyrics. That is sad :(
Bruce Willis isn't dead, he's another doll Adelle hired.

Pulling out my credit card...
Felicia, on the other hand, gave three pages of notes about her song.

Hah. No wonder she had to sing so fast.

For those of you who went, did they validate parking? I'm going for Dollhouse tonight.
It's amazing how much of that I knew from following Twitter, despite
the Paley Festival's policy of not allowing electronic devices during the panels. :)
Aye. Good luck with that. Did they search everyone?
Man those smoke signal tweets came through really well.
Added a THR link as well.
Bad Horse was in Angel? When?
I walked in with a backpack. They didn't look twice. Seems pretty easy going. Although I think if you broke out a video camera they would be all over you.

As for parking, I think they validate for 3-4 hours. I think you only have to pay $3 for that amount of time.

SNT, are you going to Dollhouse tonight? I'd like to say hi (since I didn't get a chance to last night).
The TVAddict also covers the panel.
THR's report is the first I've read of the studio wanting the poor man to blog and such all while running a new show. Egad.

I never did like the overall gist of those "Jossverse" clips. I mean true they were like little appetizers before much Dollhouse was available, so in that way some of them were fun, but the tone was kind of off-putting. It always felt a little forced, a little too much. I can only imagine what all they were trying to get him to do that would've been a bit cringey for me to see.

And yet I look. Why is that?

Also I wonder what the other "Heart, Broken" ending was like.
Apparently danregal didn't say hi to a lot of people last night. ;)

Yeah, the place was pretty chill. Pictures are allowed, but no flash. Never mentioned back-packs. You can also validate your parking at the ArcLight cinema that's right next to the CineramaDome (I'd do it before the Paley Fest though).

Don't get there too early with car. We got there at 3pm and it costs ~$10.

Sunfire, the other half of "Heart, Broken" will be played during the This American Life thing on 4/23 & the May one. He said he worked both endings together with a bridge in between. I guess what I'm doing that day... *grin*
I love that Joss joked about the iPod question from the last Paley - "You had to be there." :)

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It was pretty bad. The WoW question was up there (more of an advertisement), and someone did a "why do you keep going back to Fox Joss but I'm going to ask this question instead" thing... but Bob the Secuity Guy as Captain Hammer's therapist took the cake for me with WTF questions last night. Other than that, they were pretty good.
Simon: I would guess Bad Horse was one of the horses in "Judgment" or the Pylea arc.

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