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September 09 2003

David Boreanaz Speaks About The New Season "Quick Jabs instead of Long Punches" says DB of Season 5 episodes.

Sorry if this was already posted.

I've been told this has spoilers in it, although not really anything too specific. Is that correct?
It's Boreanaz giving a general overview of what season five's gonna be like. I'm a pro-spoiler so what I don't perceive as spoilage, others might. I don't see anything David says in this as ruining someone's enjoyment. For example, he says "there's romance." That's how vague he's talking. He doesn't really mention names, but tries to interest people in checking Angel Five out without giving away anything.

In other words this is meat to a nonspoiler, but fluff to a prospoiler.
Aye nothing specific was said. What he said could have been applied to any show.
I don't mean to be shallow or picky or anything, but I had the following question at the end of the interview:

Is David/Angel gonna be scruffy this season?
Damn! I blew out my speakers listening to music and I can't hear David... :(
Is David/Angel gonna be scruffy this season?

Heh. Not this year. No scruff, though the hair looks longer than ever - much different than the S4 buzz cut. *end DB hair obsession*
Coll, SciFi Wire reports just about word for word what David said in the clip.
Thanx Simon. Much Appreciation.

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