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April 15 2009

April Q&A from James Marsters. Stormtrooper! Stormtrooper! Stormtrooper!

In this set of answers James gives his thoughts on getting older,Spike and Dawn,teaching,insults oh ...and Stormtroopers!

First car - A Chevrolet Duster when I was 32 years old I have never been overly married to cars.


Spikes Duster!
Now everyone wearing a stormtrooper costume at Dragon Con is going to get harassed for autographs >:)
Simply always. I don't know if I would agree with 'inept', I thought he did a good job with Dawn, but I always thought it was more of a big brother thing. Thanks for posting, I always enjoy these.
Oh God, the first time he voted was before I was even born..But then, he drank from the fountain of youth..
Apart from that, lovely as usual.
Storm trooper, storm trooper, storm trooper :-D!
You can tell he is not married to cars..Chevy Duster??? Funny, I am a Muscle car fan and had a Plymouth Duster and 70 Dodge Charger.
Wow, he waited to a later age to have a car than *I* than I waited before I lost the virginity of the upper half of my body.

Carter Reagan; yeah, sounds exactly right for him. Meaningful being born exactly 18 years before a Presidnetial election. And I didn't vote against him because my absentee ballot was held up by a phony court case and didn't arrive until I'd left town.
rehabber, If the front passenger floor of your Duster was rusted out, I would seriously suspect you of being an old boyfriend of mine. I came to see if anyone else noticed his mistake regarding the car make. Chevy Duster?!? LOL

On that same subject, I swear I read once that he was given a car as a wedding present when he & Leanne were married which he subsequently ruined while driving cross country in the move from Chicago to Seattle back in the mid 80's. Perhaps the Duster is the first car he purchased for himself (which only goes to show how broke he must've been).
He was a kinda sorta Stormtrooper (Senate Guard) in his Clone Wars episode. Same armor, but blue.
Sorry thundercat, I am female, so not your old boyfriend.

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