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April 15 2009

Best Buy has Serenity Collector's Editon and Firefly Box Set on sale. The Collector's Edition is $9.99, and the Box Set is $19.99. Not sure how long this will last.

I'm going there right after I post this, LOL.

Not bad. I'm pretty sure I saw Firefly priced well over $30.00 there a week or two ago.
Is the version of the film in the Collector's Edition extended with the scenes they had taken out? Or are the deleted scenes included in a separate section again?
They're in a separate section still.
On a related note, Target lately has been selling 2-pack sets of Buffy and Angel for super cheap. I got Angel seasons 3 and 4 together for $20.
Thanks for the heads up; I just got my copies.
Are there any differences between the two? Why would the "special" one be cheaper than the regular one?
Thank you, fellow internet user! Been waiting years for the price to drop. And I can finally put this gift card to use.

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