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April 15 2009

Fans Asked to Help Choose the Next Blue Sun Posters. Any planet or location is fair game. Tell QMx what locations you think they should include, and why you think people would want to visit. You can weigh in on QMx's Facebook page.

Oh, shiny! I realy liked the old ones. Hope the next batch is equally good.
I've been thinking on this all day yesterday and am having trouble even conceiving of anything that would be cooler than the posters that are already made.
What about where ever it was that monastary that Book visited during Ariel? And oh, Ariel!
I've been racking my brain too NYPintTA but can't seem to come up with anything. Of course some things keep popping into my head but not the right places...Tatooine, Floston Paradise, Mordor, the computer world of TRON, etc.etc.etc. Damn you alternative verses--get out of my brain!!
Same here -- a poster of the Opera House of Kobol (as drawn in the Book of Pythia) kept coming to mind.

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