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April 15 2009

Alyson Hannigan has joined the ranks of Twitter. Felicia Day is having an eventful day of unveiling fellow Whedon alum on Twitter.

why am I doing this?

Best tweet ever.
I JUST added this to the 'Nathan Fillion' thread.

I wonder what the fake '@Alyson Hannigan' is going to do with her time now?
Already sent her a welcome tweet
Yay, my first story and I didn't butcher the url.

missb, I saw you had added it right after I posted. Quick on the draw :)
Hmmm... so she did change her name then? I'm aware actresses often keep their "stage name" the same but I thought she really was Alyson Hannigan.

I wonder if Alexis's version of Tie Me Kangaroo Down" includes the lost last verse "So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde"?

Oh heck, after I amde upa second verse of "Toora-Loora-Loora" just for my daughetr, with her name, I was reduced to singing "Streets of Laredo" and "Down in the Valley (Birmigham Jail)" which were the closest to lullabis I knew; I'm surprised I never sang her "Danny Boy." No wonder when she got older she always said "Don't sing at me." And she enver even watched Keeping UP Appearances.

Amber, Adam, Felicia, Nathan, now Aly; healthy trend.

Hmm, i want to finish my filk "Aly Lee" (to the tune of "Aura LEe/Love Me Tender") and send it to Alexis on the set of his new flick but now I think I need to write soemthing for Satyana too... "Oh Satyana, ci hun ta pei." Well, it needs work.
Ahh... Alexis singing Rolf Harris? Too. Cute.
Don't forget about Juliet!
Juliet Landau is on as well and she is even including verbs in her tweets now. For the long time it was "Gym" or "Tired"
Adam is on Twitter?
That would be Adam Busch.
:: Cue Family Affair by Sly and the Family Stone ::

We've got you in our clutches now my pretties, caving to the societal pressure (soon all the Whedons and their extended network) of Twitter. We know you hear its siren call...
Anybody mind listing the Twitter names of who the Whedon alums who are out?
Ok, I'm about to show just how 'net ignorant I am, but...

What the bloody blue blazes is Twitter?!?
The question is not what is Twitter, but why...

I'm getting old.
Alyson Hannigan (@alydenisof)
Nathan Fillion (@NathanFillion)
Miracle Laurie (@miraclelaurie)
Juliet Landau (@julietlandau)
Felicia Day (@feliciaday)
Adam Busch (@adambusch)
Amber Benson (@amber_benson)

Plus @brianlynch and @drhorrible for writers.

And... that's it? I think...
@whedonesque of course.
I can see how mind-blowingly addictive Twitter could be and so, as with 'World of Warcraft' and its ilk, I decline to partake ;).

That said, I also don't really see the point personally - I mean I get that it's very 21st century to step outside of and comment on absolutely everything, guess I just see a danger of forgetting to actually live your life cos you're too busy telling everyone how you live your life.

Or in short, I too am getting old ;).
Well we don't need Big Brother. We're perfectly capable of revealing our emotions and thoughts to the wide world off on our own bat.
I still don't know that I get twitter. I mean I understand the concept and how it works, I just don't know that I get it as a cultural phenomena. It seems very self indulgent.
I don't see that posting one's thoughts on twitter is any more self-indulgent than posting them here in a discussion thread. It's just that on twitter, people's thoughts are linked together in different ways.

It's really just a new way to share information quickly. For example, I don't think the Susan Boyle phenomenon would have happened nearly as quickly without twitter driving it.
I'm she finally joined up. That fake profile from a few eeks back had me hoping she would join.
Don't forget about the Whedon Trivia game on Twitter. Last month the winner got a signed Eliza Dushku photograph.

Who was it signed by ?
He'll be here all week; try the veal and tip your waitstaff!
They do a good job under trying circumstances.

It's not so easy for those that can't hear me either ...
Yay! I'm now following all the Whedon-y folks. Thanks, redders and Simon.

I still don't get it. What the heck is it? And why do people get all excited about it?
Think of it as a sort of blog where posts can only be 140 characters or smaller. And people follow each other's tweets so it's also a sort of social networking site.

Folk get excited about it presumably because if you're into it it excites you, just like anything else you're into.
The underscore in amber_benson is essential, otyherwise you reach an innocent bystander. (Not an unusual name; when I worked for T-Mobile I put her anme in and got 6 customers, none in California. What? Stalkery, little ol' 300lb moi?)

ShadowQuest: Think of it as cross between ablog and a text message. Allows the user to be their own publicity agent if they think they're doing something interesting, or to play reporter if they're seeing someone else do soemthing.
I admit Brian Lynch is my favorite of the Whedon folk. He is so inventive and has made my sides hurt from the laughing at times. The goat stuff and pitching meetings he attends are classic.

@ItsSethGreen (it's his people, but good to get Seth news)
@CaptainHammer (though not sure who is behind it; I still follow)
@TimMinear (not sure what's going on w/his Twitter account)
I know that this is OT, but does anybody know when Alexis starts filming the movie "Milo"? And who else is going to be co-starring with him besides Fernanda Romero? Of all the upcoming movies being made, this is the "one" film that I am definitetly looking foreword to seeing.
Little Green Kid,

Variety Article.

Also, the screenwriter, Jan Wilson's blog describes the film:

Milo is a dark drama about a postman in London who falls in love with a woman on his route and uses somewhat questionable means to woo her.

Sounds like a perfect role for Alexis!

[ edited by ShanshuBugaboo on 2009-04-17 01:58 ]
and uses somewhat questionable means to woo her.

He dons tights and does crazy kung-fu moves with accompanying Hai-Yah's(!!)?
Heehee, a girl can dream, right Tonya J? ;)
Sigh. I'm waiting for cloning technology to be perfected.
I was so upset about fake @AlysonHannigan. Fake Aly was a huge geek and that was super hot. She even had @DontTryThis, Adam Savage of Mythbusters, fooled.

Then she started tweeting about being pregnant when real Aly already had her baby.

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