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April 15 2009

Eliza posts a Myspace video. It's cute, pointless, and I want her hair.

Her hair does look amazing! I might have to screencap that vid and take it to the salon this weekend...

She's so freakin' cute!
I'm gonna choose to interpret that as "I want hair like hers" rather than "I want a sample of her actual hair." :p
What's up with Eliza sitting beside a normal looking guy who isn't a writer? Is he a writer?
Wow that was awful.
Is he maybe the winner of the 'design her myspace' contest?
I subscribed.
I'm never getting sick of her :P

HEYA! *waves*
Well, the girl got great hair. Cant argue with that :)
I hope you don't mean you're gonna scalp her, cause that ain't cool!

But I too am jealous of her hair. My hair is way past my shoulders, a pain in the ass to take care of and not nearly as pretty as hers. Of course most girls hair is better than mine, but hers is so very nice.

Also, who is the normal person and how is he in Eliza's proximity?
As I understand it, he's the guy who won the "help Eliza create her myspace page" contest.
Damn...that is some great hair!! Kudos! Does anyone else think it's weird that people join social networking sites of people who only use it for marketing purposes? Was that a sentence?
Way to mock the web designer, guys. "Normal looking guy" "why is he there?" shame shame.


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