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April 16 2009

Normally I wouldn’t think ‘Verse related artwork for sale on Ebay is front page worthy but this is an unusual opportunity that I think Whedon fans should see.

This type of thing isn’t usually available to the public at a reasonable price and personally I think it belongs in the hands of a true Joss fan, framed on their wall (next to their Blue Sun travel posters).

As many of you know, I spend way too much time on Ebay. A couple weeks ago, I was excited to win the original artwork for Nick Runge’s original cover to Angel #24. Well I checked out the seller again today and they have two additional original art covers available for sale including the cover artwork for Angel #23 and Angel #14. I plan to frame mine with a copy of the actual comic.

(Btw, the auction I won was handled very professionally. The seller had great communication and I got the item about 3 days later.)

Woah...that looks awesome...but damn my lack of frivilous funds!! Glad you got the original cover you said...that sort of thing is better off with real fans!!
That does look awesome. If I had the wherewithal, I'd bid on that. It's the only artwork to come out of "After The Fall" that I felt truly captured the character of Angel.

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I sense an old argument brewing (re: 'Verse vs Buffyverse) or was that finally resolved?
menomegirl--I was really kind of surprised with the detail of the art. The one I got has such tiny lines in some spots that you cant see them unless the art is like 6 inches from your face!

Usually published original comic art covers sell for a minimum of about $350-$400 or higher depending on the artist, the title, importance of the issue, etc. I think the seller goofed by not listing these auctions in the "Original Art: Covers" section of Ebay. Instead he listed them under "sketches and drawings" which gets a lot less traffic.
Buffy the Slayer Layer-I don't really see anything to argue over, myself. I really don't care what it was created for. It's a wonderfully detailed work of art, period.
Very nice piece, Evocative in the way the different faces of Liam,Angel, and Angelus are drawn. It's moving, the losses that this soul endured and visited on others were great. I really like this alot.
You won it for 99 bucks? You lucky bastard.

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