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September 10 2003

(SPOILER) Highlights from David Boreanaz's Q&A in Brighton. Pics, text and video clips from "The David Boreanaz European Event" courtesy of the BBC Cult team.

He seems confident enough that Charisma will be back.

IF Firefly the Movie takes off, that will pretty much guarantee that someday, when Joss feels like it, we'll get a BuffyVerse motion picture. That movie will of course have to be Buffy AND Angel. It may or may not include supporting cast members. However, ultimately everything revolves around those two and, whether someone's a B&A shipper or not, the big finish to the whole thing will have to involve resolving their on again off again romance once and for all.

It'll be after AtS runs its course. My guess is the final conflict will involve Buffy at one point fighting Angelus trying to remove him from Angel in a way that insures they live happily ever after once and for all. The conundrum being that if the vampiric demon equivalent of a soul is removed from Angel, hundreds of years of time will catch up & Angel will just turn to dust. I mean, it's not like when D'Hoffryn let Anyanka free of her vengeance demon duties and she just reverted to being a living human. It's not impossible, but it will be quite a unique journey. Moreover, if Angelus is successfully removed from Angel, will he continue being the man she loves? Or will he revert to Liam at the time of his death, and completely forget the hundreds of years of lessons learned? What makes a man? "What does it take to be a man?"

If Firefly doesn't do well, we may get "Buffy versus Angelus the movie" anyway, but it's less likely, it'll take longer and won't have as much of a budget.

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