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"Hey, I likes me some kink, but if you think I'm going downtown on this chick, you chose the wrong Chosen One."
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April 16 2009

Olivia Williams on Craig Ferguson Interview. Remember when Olivia was on Craig Ferguson before the Dollhouse premiere, and no one could find a video? Well here it is!

She's very not Adelle!

I love her even more :)
wow! awesome! Thanks for sharing! (can I exclaim again? aw, just a question mark!)
Aw, fun! I had no idea they used to date... (or at least that's how it appears).

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"sounds a bit creepy!....I shall watch this!" There's the slogan we've been waiting for.

Oh, to be living the life where you happen upon Olivia Williams and Steve Jones discussing ABBA in a movie trailer!
Roughly. taken. from. behind.


What?! She said it!
Im also there on the whole thinking Joss is short thing.
But then I am 6'4.
I'm 5'2". James Marsters is tall.
Joss Whedon > Antonio Banderas

When I saw Joss in person he was smaller than I expected. I wouldn't consider him tall, but then again I'm almost 6 feet myself.

I love Olivia Williams! I know Adelle is supposed to be an evil Dragon Lady, but I've loved her from the start. I love her outfits and if I were a classy business lady with all the money in the world I would have her wardrobe.

I also love Craig Ferguson. Were they once married? IMDB doesn't say anything about that.
No, they weren't married. It does seems like they were a couple at one point, though... not sure if it's officially stated anywhere.
Pretty much the whole interview is them bantering about being exes, isn't it? Or was I just reading it wrong? Seems like they definitely dated.
Woah, lots of personal drama there. Great interview - Olivia Williams is awesome
According to Imdb they co-starred in a movie called Born Romantic in 2000.
Looks like a decent cast, Jane Horrocks, Jessica Stevenson, David Morrissey, Jimi Mistry, but I've never heard of it.
ElectricSpaceGirl- I love her wardrobe too. Only I would want more boots.
Wait, how tall is Joss? IMDB says 6' 4" which sounds way too tall.
Eh, I was backstage with Steve Jones in...1981...Pistols were no more, he and Paul were with "The Professionals"...which was way cool enough.

Several NME writers in the mid 70s used to idolize ABBA's records as perfect pop music, while extolling the bracing thrill of punk (liberation from pretentious prog-rock).

Strange times. Billy Idol was already taking his cues from a tube rider before he became frontman for Generaton X. And got his style from William the Bloody.
Pretty nice interview. I would've loved to have heard more about Dollhouse but it was nice to hear her say that Joss is a "living genius". :D
Chris inVirginia: you should have ended that anecdote with a Cartmanesque "Who wants to touch me?" (South Park reference, if you're not a fan.) Being backstage with ex-Pistols is super cool (well, certainly was in 1981) and I am very jealous. I'm slightly depressed by what they've become recently, but back in the day ...

I thought you were a native of the colonies, but you referencing NME makes me wonder if you're originally a Brit.
That was great. I especially liked the part about the Sex Pistols, "they were snotty and ugly and so was I!" but they're both delightful throughout.
When I saw Joss in person, he seemed really tall. And I'm 6'...

Tackling the tough issues here. ;)
If Joss is 6'4, Tahmoh must be 7'...
Joss seemed about my height when I saw him. I'm almost 6'. I definitely don't remember him being much taller than that.

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