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April 16 2009

MediaBlvd Writer calls Joss Whedon the "Nicest Guy in Hollywood." A feature writer at MediaBlvd Magazine did a nice little write-up about Mr. Whedon himself.

I've been very lucky with my celebrity man-crushes. They all seem to be incredibly kind folks, as well as brilliantly talented.
In the two (brief) times I've met Joss he was niceness personified. And the many other people I talked to who'd worked with him all backed that up.

Mind you, I also met Harlan Ellison and he was as nice as pie as well, so maybe it's just me?
Well that made a very refreshing change from the usual downbeat cynical articles I've read of late. Thank you for that.
Take that, Tom Hanks!

What a lovely article. It's so nice reading positive press on anyone/thing when so much these days only presents the negative. Way to go, Joss :)
That was a great write-up on Joss. He genuinely seems nice. It was bittersweet reading about Andy Hallet, though.

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