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April 16 2009

Joss' Streamy acceptance speech. Also NPH and Felicia for The Guild.

Old news, but I think there were quite a few people who missed out on the live stream and wanted to view the acceptance speeches. These aren't from the broadcast itself, but someone who was filming from in the audience. Picture quality's a little meh, but the sound is alright :)

Ooooh, thank you.
I honestly don't understand how the Streamys can not have at least some highlight clips up on Youtube or Vimeo or some such.
Yeah I watched this all live in streaming video and it was awesome, can it be that they didn't tape it while they streamed it?!!? Crazy.
According to the twitter, as of April 1st, it was coming soon. I choose to ignore the fact that that was April Fools, so hopefully not long now.

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NPH's speech was pure awesome.
Thanks for posting these! NPH's bit about Fillion was hilarious.
I can't wait for Jane's speech to be up. Her hats and livers bit was the best.

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There dosnt happen to be an audio file of this floating around somewhere. I'd love to listen to this on my mp3 player.
That was great! Thank you, I did miss it that night. Loved them all, but I agree that NPH's dig at Nathan was hilarious...I had heard about it from others, but it was even better hearing it for myself. Love him, love them all! :)
Let me add my thanks for posting this. This was fun to watch.
It's really a wonder Joss is getting any work done at all. Awards here, discussions there, recognitions over there. All great to see.

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