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April 16 2009

USA TODAY's 12th Annual Save Our Shows Survey. Voice your support for shows that may be on renewal bubble like Nathan Fillion's Castle and Adam Baldwin's Chuck. Hint. Hint.

Well since they don't have Dollhouse there I'm going to make the only rational assumption: they've spoken directly to FOX executives and know for sure that it will be renewed for the next 12 seasons.
Let Down,

I think they only committed to 1 more season.

Remember Joss hasn't given up hope. So we don't either.

Look at all the ABC shows on the renewal bubble. This also gives me hope for Castle.
Where is Dollhouse? Boo.

edit: And Terminator? Geez, The USA Today has no taste in TV shows.

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Okay, I had a little too much fun in the comments section at the bottom of the survey and went all opinions-column on their asses:

"It's getting frustrating to watch television at this juncture. I live in constant fear of hitting the remote and being subjected to some reality show in which women who have spent the bulk their welfare checks on plastic surgery and MAC cosmetics vie for the affections of a music industry has-been by placing whatever is left of their self-dignity in a deep dark hole somewhere (pun most definitely intended). Or a likewise reality show where nouveau riche debutantes who seem to have no real apparent talent other than spending their husbands' money are followed about their daily lives, a spectacle that strikes me as being around the same entertainment value of watching cockroaches fornicate. Or yet another brainless sitcom about the same boring people getting into the same boring escapades that I've already seen about a hundred times from a youth spent watching Nick-At-Nite reruns.
And then, a glimmer of hope appears. A truly original, well-written and brilliantly conceived program comes along. It's full of interesting, well-developed and skillfully portrayed characters that seem as though they are (insert gasp here) remotely human. I find myself presented with surprising story arcs, witty dialogue and genuinely intriguing emotional connections. I begin to feel the general malaise of television sameness lift.
And then... CANCELED. My hopes for a better television tomorrow are dashed on the rocks below, sacrificed for yet another game show that congratulates people for outwitting a small child. I am forced to say goodbye to characters like Charlie Crews or Kyle XY or Chuck Bartowski so that they may be replaced by a rich and powerful teens and twentysomethings who seem to think that the word "like" can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, abverb and preposition while they engage in risky sexual practices to forward their almost Machiavellian schemes for domination (great example for the young viewers, there).
Fine, television executives. I give up. I promise to stop getting hooked on your watchable programing, as it seems to only cause me pain. Here's my white flag and the towel. See ya'll at the library.
Cheers, Lucky"

Whaddaya think?
I just put ‘I Don't Care’ for all the shows they listed and then asked why Dollhouse and Terminator where not on the list. Honestly, Dollhouse and Terminator are worth more to me than all those other shows combined. As much as I enjoy Chuck and Castle, if they got cancelled it wouldn't have any big of an effect on me, unlike the loss of Dollhouse and Terminator.
Good one, Irish Cowgirl. That would certainly get my attention. ;)
Castle's on the bubble? That's very disappointing. I think the show's been really solid so far and it can only get better from here -- I hope ABC gives it another season to prove itself.

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