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April 16 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #20. This'll be out next week.

I might be alone in this, but I'm quite enjoying Aftermath so far. It's not as good as After The Fall, but it's still pretty solid.
I don't think you're alone. I think it has it's share of problems but I'm still looking forward to seeing where it's going.
The mystery of Dez gets more and more interesting.
I want to like Aftermath. I want to like it SO much. I just can't.

My main problem lies mainly in the art, as well as Kate's outfit. It just looks ridiculous, no matter how you slice it. It's supposed to take place in a fairly grounded reality (well, as grounded as you can get in a world with vampires and demons), and Kate's costume just looks like a wannabe superhero.

The other problem I have is fairly minuscule. At the end of After the Fall, it's strongly hinted at that Angel is taking back his headquarters at the Hyperion. I mean, he even leaves the business card with the Hyperion address on it. From what I understand, Kelly Armstrong began writing before the final script from After the Fall was completed, so I can't completely place the blame there (although I felt the seeds of the crew staying at the Hyperion again were planted as soon as they went there in AtF).

I'm still getting the issues, even if I don't really like the story or the art that much. There's always possibility for a turnaround.
I'm with whoisfriend ... I really really want to like this ... I just don't. The worst thing is the art. It's been 'not good' before this but these pages at least are horrible. I'm not sure I care about where the story is going but I'll keep reading and hoping.
Wow. Those images just don't look like those people.
the second page doesnt work for me. And yeah, I don'T like the art either. Just find a good artist and stick with it, people!

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