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April 16 2009

Joss Whedon on the rumoured Buffy movie. "Not gonna happen. Not gonna happen. Until I gather the press and make a public announcement myself that it's going to happen, never believe anything."

What Joss said is exactly how I feel about everything in the fandom. lol
All it takes is cash. By the way, are any of you familiar with the phrase "nuanced disclaimer?" Just an observation.
He said "until"!!!!

Hope springs eternal. I tend to take the opposite approach that he suggests-- I will likely never stop hoping and campaigning for a Buffy movie until I'm buried under a headstone with a pithy saying on it.
I'd much prefer a Ripper series
It's the same how I feel about a second season of Dollhouse.
Joss could carve "no Buffy movie" on the north face of the Eiger and still we'd think he means "yes it's going to happen".
Joss could carve "no Buffy movie" on the north face of the Eiger and still we'd think he means "I'm making Serenity 2".
He's making Serenity 2 OMG!!!!
*runs out shouting and starts the next Whedon movie rumor*
He had to say "until." See what happens when one uses nuanced disclaimers? Let that be a lesson to all screenwriters whom wish to be fully understood clearly by their audience.
Well, to be fair to the fandom, what percentage do you think really believe it will happen, as opposed to wish it would happen?
My favorite part of this "nuanced disclaimers" nonsense is how it conveniently ignores the immediately-preceding part: "Not gonna happen."
Yes, but you conveniently missed the "all it takes is cash" nuanced disclaimer, which means if someone is willing to put up the money, it will happen. So come on, fork it over.
Im with Willow on this. Nobody likes a vague disclaimer, but they do indeed keep you hope up better then the straight shovel to the head.
"What was that?"

'nought said.
so, joss is about to call a press conference and announce the movie?
Yes. He'll be doing it live from the magical land of Narnia.
Can someone please ask him to bring back some Turkish Delight in that case ? The stuff you get on this side of the fur coat is a pale imitation.

So, only reading the bits I want to hear, Joss just said "... gonna happen[!]". Yippee. Commence the 'nonny'ing, let loose the 'hey's.

Or, "Internet Article Confirms That Just Making Shit Up Doesn't Actually Make it True". Film at 11. Stop the presses. Call Guinness. Etc. etc. etc.

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(Still studying map) Narnia...isn't that two klicks west of Wonderland? Price of admission is two coins...and a note from your mother? Wait, I've must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.
Yeah, but, my friend said she read this thing on some site written by some person that said there's a really good chance that there could be a Buffy movie like, sometime really soon.

Josh doesn't even know what he's talking about.
I knew the rumours weren't true, there are Buffy Movie rumours every year and none of them have been right..obviously, so there was no reason to believe this one.
There is always hope that sometime in the near future it will happen, but it's highly doubtful because of how busy Joss is. But we can all hope for Buffy Movie number 2 and Serenity 2.
I kinda like it that he said until I make a public announcement too. I'm just glad he didn't leave it at "Never gonna happen."
Joss is doing a Buffy/Narnia crossover?
Well, I had great fun reading the comments that followed the article. I especially like the one that says that the movie was based on the show... and the one that says that Joss really is in negotations but refuses to consider Sarah Michelle Gellar...
I just need to post this wonderful extrapolation of Joss's comments from one of the posters:

"One more thing, Joss' statement sounds like he is in the middle of negotiations for a Buffy film, but the tone of his statement sounds as if he does not want Sarah Michelle Gellar Prince back as Buffy as she appears to be very negative toward Joss and the rest of the cast."

ETA: Dana4140 beat me to it

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Everybody is aware that it's considered bad practice here to discuss what people say on other boards, blog comments etc?
Oh god and then someone proved that that poster was wrong by pointing out that Joss cast SMG in Dr. Horrible

ETA: Sorry Simon, didn't read your post. My lips are now sealed

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Damn, and i was so looking forward to prego-Buffy.
So, do we suspect there may be some kind of connection between Joss and a Buffy movie?

Ben is Glory?
And Glory is Ben?
I know it was mentioned a while back in this post, but there WAS an interview (no idea where the footage for it would be) where Joss said he was trying for a Serenity sequel... at which he also mentioned how everyone asked him if it was going to be a trilogy. He laughed commented on nowadays, everyone sees things in trilogies, not sequels.
*note* This interview must have been about a year and a half ago.
if not longer.

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Although I have not kept track, it seems to me that about once a month this exact rumor appears in some blog, and Joss is asked about it. He always says there's absolutely nothing going on, but if someone comes up with the cash, it would be possible. If this is different in some way from last time, I can't find the variation.

But I keep clicking, hoping to see something new. And I guess a lot of other people do too- which is why the sourceless rumor keeps getting posted; blogs looking for site-views to get advertising.
No big shock.I think we all knew that latest Buffy movie rumor was a late April's Fools joke.
Yes, this is just like every other Buffy movie / Serenity 2 question. Someone asks Joss if it 's happening. He says "no, but if I had the money I'd do it." In other words, Joss still likes the Buffy/Firefly 'verses and would like to tell stories in them, but no-one is giving him the money to do so, so they aren't going to happen.
I'd trade you your Buffy Movie for 22 more episodes of Dollhouse...

I need joss to have a current series on TV forever
Joss could carve "no Buffy movie" on the north face of the Eiger and still we'd think he means "yes it's going to happen".

Joss could carve "no Buffy movie" on the north face of the Eiger and still we'd think he means "I'm making Serenity 2".

I'm having a bit of a day and needed a good laugh.Thanks to all of you:)
I love this place. :D
Price of admission is two coins...and a note from your mother? Wait, I've must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

If you are not sure about the settings and the guy who ask for the coins is a little skinny and says that you needs to go with him, in his little boat to cross the river, I higly reccomend you to try to turn back.

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I feel kinda bad for gossi. This announcement is going to make it harder for him to start Buffy movie rumors.

*reads comments*

Okay, maybe not. Carry on, fandom.
If all Joss needs is money, the fans can raise it for him! We can set up a website and--oh I can't even finish this.

Ace U.
I wasn't even trying to start Buffy movie rumours back 6 months ago, for reference. All I did was write an article saying they should make one. The next thing I knew I was listening to the BBC saying I was a Hollywood insider and announcing it was happening. *scratches head*
Don't worry gossi, you was abble to create this wave here in Brazil too. It was a little strange, needing to explain to many folks how the rumours started. But if you could meke it bacame true I was already preapared to send many Christmas letters to you.
Yes. He'll be doing it live from the magical land of Narnia.

This made me bust out laughing. :) Thanks Simon.

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