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April 16 2009

(SPOILER) IGN coverage of the Dollhouse panel at PaleyFest. The first page has interviews with Miracle and Dichen, the second has interviews with Eliza and Joss (and also contains the much bandied about spoilers for 'Epitaph One'). And Zap2it has a similar feature with indications from Joss and co on how season 2 might look.

Alright, now I'm interested to know whether Joss referred to the show's birthing process as normally difficult, or abnormally so. I suspect that this source got it wrong, as it's more interesting the other way, but I'm unsure.
Yep, according to the Futon Critic, the source in the IGN article got it wrong. the Futon Critic article here says:

8:07 PM - Joss on the much documented labor pains for the show: "This was a normally difficult birthing process that I was abnormally whiny about."

ETF quotes

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I feel abnormally dim for not realizing how obvious it is that Alpha and Dr. Saunders would end up encountering each other again at some point this season. It took that Zap2It article for it to even occur to me... Somehow I just imagined that Needs was supposed to be that huge character turn that early press alluded to.
I hope Alpha doesn't finish the job on Saunders when they run into each other again.

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