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April 17 2009

The Puzzle Hub features a Mutant Enemy crossword. A simple printable crossword focused mostly on Buffy and Angel.

Dosnt seem to hard, but perhaps entertaining for us who misses the puzzles and crosswords from the old Buffy and Angel Magazine.

First chance I get a working printer, I am doing this. :D

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I don't get why it's made so tiny. Some of it's impossible to read. Does it improve when it's printed?
If you click the images you get a larger copy (for printing out).
If you click on the pics, you'll see the bmps in full.
Many of the words are quite easy, but a few of them are a tad tougher.
Some of the obscure episode names are a tad hard... but overall, train trips are going to be so much more enjoyable with my new Mutant Enemy crossword!
Grr Argh, why didn't I see this while I was in the office?! So, I could have printed it..;-)P.. Anyway, nice! Thanks for posting it!
This was fun, but I wish the answers were posted somewhere. I can't, for the life of me, figure out 22 Across. Anyone?
That little bugger have eluded me to >:(
For 22 across I went with 'Eternity', that Angel season 1 episode with the actress.
Ah. That makes sense. I kept thinking it was referring to Orpheus, where he's drugged and then he and Faith walk through Angel's memories. Thanks!
Boo, my printer has no ink.
Did anyone get 3 across? The clue says 7,4 which should mean eleven spaces, but no matter how many times I count, I only get ten completely befuddling ones. Do the two words share a last/first letter?
No, I didn't catch that, but it should be 7,3. I'm only missing 2, (I cheated a little on the Season 8 stuff which I haven't read) 59 down "Buffy "Auditions"" nothing I think of fits--and 73 down "Gonzalez played Tomas." Even Google couldn't save me.

This puzzle left me wondering whether it's sadder that I've forgotten so many random episode details or that I knew them in the first place.
3 across is It's 7,3, the 7,4 must have been a typo.

What about 73 down? Gonzalez played Tomas? Huh?

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Duh. *slaps forehead in geeky-failure shame* Thanks, Revolver.

This puzzle left me wondering whether it's sadder that I've forgotten so many random episode details or that I knew them in the first place.
I agree. And seriously: who the hell is Tomas?
Rick Gonzales played "Tomás" in the episode Help.
For "Buffy Auditions," the only episode that comes to mind is "The Witch" with cheerleading "TRYOUTS" -- is that workable?

The one eluding me is 16 down, obviously referencing "Long Day's Journey, but I ain't got the answer.
16 down is totems

Does anyone know 75 down, 79 down or 77 across?
75 down is "Dushku", 77 across is "boo". Ditto on 79 down - I have no idea.

What about 7 down?
7 down amends
The Puzzle Hub writes to us and says

Thanks for your enthusiasm guys, here's a clue to help you out! - The correct answer to 59 down is somewhere in this comment thread. Well done to they who answered it. This puzzle was hand made, no computer program used, and all the answers were found in the TV series', the DVD sets (slimeline editions), the comic books and last but not least the compilers knowledge of Mr. Whedons work guaranteeing us all a 100% Whedon puzzle, even for the more generic words such as the 59d. Cheers to Heinouslizard who after the puzzle received 7000 hits was the first to spot the silliest of mistakes and we apologise to anyone who was confused by the error, it has now been Amended... This is the first of many Jossword Puzzles so hope to see you back soon,
hope you're all having fun with it! - The Puzzle Hub

More crosswords to look forward to. Great! It was realy fun to do : )

This one reminded me of two things. First, that I have forgotten way to many details about these shows which is a wee bit embarrassing, and that I usually gets frustrated by the "long-shotness" of many crossword clues.

Like 75 Down: Ms. Eliza Do lots. I know the answere, but perhaps I miss the point of the clue 'cos its an english wordplay of some sort that I dont get, or is it just a tad far fetched?
Probably a reference to My Fair Lady, in which the main character is named Eliza Dolittle.
which is clever, both because Eliza does lots of things as an active and because Eliza Doolittle comes to "My Fair Lady" via the Shaw play "Pygmalion," and Pygmalion is a myth in which a guy falls in love with a statue he created, which comes to life (hence the whole "making people" theme of Dollhouse). Kudos to whoever made up that clue!
Anything for 79 down?
Um, I went with "TEETH" for 79 down. But afraid I might be flashing on Monty Python rabbits rather than Buffy.
Ah yeah...genius...'pointy teeth'!!! Thanks!!! And Monty Python is never wrong!!
My, that My fair lady one was clever. To clever perhaps?

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