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April 17 2009

Nathan Fillion's New MySpace Blog. "I'm told there's some sort of voting thing to gauge interest ..."

Anyone know of this place he mentions to vote for Castle and will it actually help save the show?

I wouldn't worry too bad about Castle. It's a pretty solid hit. Rating have slumped a little but it's still pretty much topping Monday night drama and procedurals are a sure fire hit and cost next to nothing to make. ABC's not gonna drop it too quickly. Heck, my MOM loves the show. That's a sure sign of mainstream support.
I'm sure possible cancellation was in the back of Nathan's mind when he referred to voting for the show as a way to help him out. A million votes probably wouldn't help a show stay on the air though, if the suits wanted it gone.
I'm not sure that there's a solid consensus that Castle is a "pretty solid hit."

Last week Castle was 41st overall with a 2.3 rating. If it were on NBC, maybe. But a.) itís not on NBC and b.) it keeps going down. In preliminary numbers for last night it had a 2.0 rating with adults 18-49. The trend isnít itís friend and I donít think ABC would consider bringing it back if it canít consistently pull 2.5 ratings. But at a 2.0, thereís no way the network brings it back.

Update: Mondayís final numbers are in and Castle slipped to a 1.9 with 18-49s

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ABC also declined week-to-week, primarily from lower numbers for "Dancing with the Stars" at 4.6/11 and from a slipping "Castle" at 10 p.m. -- which only managed a 2.0/6, coming in at third place behind time-period-winning show "CSI: Miami" from CBS (3.8/10) and "Medium" from NBC (2.7/7).

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My mom loves the show too.
Hee, looks like Castle is a moms show. My mother also loves it, and even though she's known of Nathan since Firefly, she's now looking at him in a new way that I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with, hehe.

I find it a likable enough show, but I keep forgetting it's on. Other than the charm of Nathan, there isn't much to hook me. It's cute but non-consequential. I hope it gets renewed, though, because it has potential. I could see it turning into a highly rated show given time to find its legs and an audience.
I AM a mom, and I'm enjoying it, too! But I'm not looking at him in a new way; just the same... old... way... ;^)
Here is the link for voting ... the actual survey link is accessable under the photos. According to the site Castle is on the bubble.

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Hehe, I'm a mom too. And I've found Nathan pretty since I first laid my peepers on him in Two Guys and a Girl.

While Castle is often compared to Bones and Remington Steele, I could also see it appealing to the same sort of audience Murder She Wrote attracted. Namely older women who love to read serialized murder mysteries. Or in other words, my mom. :)
And I've found Nathan pretty since I first laid my peepers on him in Two Guys and a Girl.

I would dearly love to know if Nathan ever met Tony Head when he guested on the show.
I would dearly love to know if Nathan ever met Tony Head when he guested on the show.

You could Twitter him to ask. He might even figure out how to respond to answer. Heh. :-)
I totally think Castle is a mom's show. My mom loves the show and she's never heard of Firefly. Also my non-whedon friends mom's love the show too! It's really weird.

I sometimes forget it's on, but I DVR it and always enjoy watching it later.
I love the show and I am not a mom.
All for Fillion I tell ya.
My dad likes the show more than my mom does, actually! :-) She enjoys it too though. I've visited them expressly to watch it with my dad (good father-daughter TV time!) He sees Nathan's career leading to new opportunities from this exposure, even if the show doesn't last, though we both hope it will go on.

I did vote that they Keep it!
I love the show Castle and my Mom loves the show. Brother and sister watch the show too!

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I have not missed an episode. I am a mom. And a grandmom.

But I have been watching Nathan since OLTL. And one of my favorite scenes ever was when he went back for the funeral of Asa. He and Dorian alone in the den. Slowly approaching each other like it was just yesterday. Still hot for each other. Best. Scene. Ever.

I'll bet they had tons of fun filming that.
madmolly, I've been a Fillion fan since OLTL, too; as a matter of fact that's how I became a Firefly fan! That was a great scene with Dorian, when he went back.

I'm not a Mum, although I could be, and I enjoy Castle. I like Nathan, but I really enjoy his relationships with his daughter and mother, and with the female detective.
My mom doesn't watch it. But then, she has terrible taste.
I am not a mum, and I enjoy watching Castle... but I am finding the actual mystery aspect some what lacking. And the comedy hasn't matched the pilot, IMHO, although I like the dynamic between Castle and his family. And the lazer tag thing? Awesome!
Yeah, I would worry for Castle, its right on the edge, and may tip into *bye bye*. I think they should have focused a bit more on the funny and a little less on the solving crimes bit, because then it works so well. But here's hoping.

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