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September 10 2003

Buffy Season 6 to begin in Japan. Also Angel will begin Season 3 (Japanese font support required).

This isn't really much news, but I thought it might be nice to point out (Please delete if it's inappropriate). This is the first time these seasons will be showing in Japan. These links are to the official Japanese sites. Just in case you wanted to check out Buffy and Angel in Japanese (no idea how they translate the quips and stuff...but the Buffy site has a nice Whedon-bio).

Both seasons will start this Sunday, 9/14; Buffy at 9:00 p.m., Angel at 10:00 p.m. From what I hear, Buffy has a devoted following in Japan, although it's not strong (only Season 1 is out on DVD here).

Also, the Japanese title is "Buffy ~The Loving Cross~," whereas Angel is just Angel. This continues a trend of Fox renaming shows for different markets (Ally McBeal = Ally My Love).

Nice sites, never learnt Japanese at school so I haven't a clue what it says but I find it strangely fascinating to go onto foreign Buffy and Angel websites. Out of interest, how popular are Western TV shows in Japan?
Some shows, like ER, are broadcasted on NHK, the pseudo "Public Television Station" in Japan, so it's very popular. Other stations are catching on and purchasing rights to other recent American TV shows, but those are mostly on Satellite TV (Like Buffy and Angel) and don't have as wide an audience.

Friends, Ally McBeal, and (oddly) Dark Angel are series that have been quite popular in Japan.
Thanks, a lot of US programmes have cult followings here in the UK but I'm fairly sure in saying that last year no US TV shows made the top 20 most watched programmes or even the top 50. Used to be a different story when Dallas and Dynasty were on.
In France they show a lot of 70's and 80's shows. When I was there 4 years ago. Columbo was really popular as was Highlander and Step by Step. Buffy has a great sounding name in french. Buffy contre les Vampires. Which means Buffy against or vs. the vampires.

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The shows are always late in Asia. Don't know why. Maybe there's not that much buzz over there.
Sometimes I feel luckier that I'm living in Brazil, instead of living in Taiwan (I was born there, most of my relatives still lives there), even though there are still a few problems in South America. At least we got to watch all Firefly episodes. And we're already a few weeks away from the end of Buffy, and the end of Season 4 of Angel (I did download and watch them months ago, but they're finally showing them now - yesterday they showed Sacrifice, and we had a rerun of CWDP).
The funny part is that Chosen will be shown exactly a day before THE WB debut Angel's 5th Season.
I've seen Buffy (season 3) and Angel in English in a hotel in Beijing a couple of years ago. I've never seen the Mandarin version (if there is one) but oddly enough they do have the translated version of VIP.
I have the German OMWF DVD, fortuntately the singing is not dubbed. Presumably this is the same in other countries?
I know they did release ab SUbbed set of Buffy Season 1 VHS, a few years ago, way before they started releasing the DVD sets;
As far as I remember the only country that did dub OMWF was France, the rest of the world that already showed it, and don't ahve ENglish as a native language, alll broadcasted subbed versions. But also, beside US and UK, other countries did not have the chance to watch complete version of the episode, here in BRazil, and I could also include the rest fo SOuth AMerica, FOX only showed that 43:00 min version of it.

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