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April 17 2009

The relationships that make a life. Tony Head talks about the special people in his life.

I want Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan as big sisters too!

OT question: does anyone know why Sarah and Alyson stopped being friends? I know they were never BFFs but they seemed like good friends before season 7.
Let's just keep on the topic of Tony shall we.
Tony is so down to earth. Seems like a great guy.
It's interesting that he says he came to the States when he couldn't find work after his coffee commercials. The thing is, they aired those commercials here, too, and they seemed to be just as popular here as they were in the UK. For the first few episodes of Buffy, I kept referring to Giles as "hey look, it's the coffee guy!" Glad his high profile commercials didn't keep him from being cast in BUFFY.
"nothing owing on either side"

What a wonderful thing to be able to say. He seems like such a warm,kind human being.
Did anyone see him in "Little Britain" as the prime minister? Hilarious!
He seems to be a thoughtful, well-grounded and gracious gentleman. In fact, maybe I'm wrong about this, but it seems to me that as a general rule, Whedon casts are made up of good character people. I've met several Buffy actors in my travels, and they've always comported themselves professionally and with care.
Good interview, thanks for posting this, Simon. Gosh, I so miss Tony and all his forms.
Wow, what a sweet little interview. I miss Giles.

ETA: what Madhatter said. Heh

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Such a good man. And eys the coffee comemrcials played here but I think the effect was to make him wanted. and did he paly his character as American for those versions,e ven tho Sharon didn't?

He's an improtant person to me. I mean, around 1984 or so I realized : Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Randy travis, Gary Cole etc. from now on the new faces would all be younger than mine. then along came Tony, and also Brooks and Dunn. A final ego-boost before I slid into my own now departed 40s.

And Smidge and ALy worked together for 7 years. Their feelings, and the reasons for same, are their own business.

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