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April 17 2009

Meet Satyana Denisof. The proud parents w/Satyana in a self-photo.

Awwww! So adorable and quite a good pic considering it's just Alexis stretching his arm out to take it.
soooo cute!!!
OH MY GOSH! {{{{{Thud}}}}}}
They are an adorable family. I find "Celebrity Baby Blogs" and the like kinda creepy yet I did click the link...
Adorable! and baby are cute too. :P
Great photograph of all of them.
Awww! That's a great photo of the family! Alexis and Alyson look delighted to be parents, and I hope they're all doing well. :)
That would be so awesome to be the child of Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan.

... So awesome.
Aww, they look so happy!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! She's so cute!! I'm so, so happy for them :)
See this is why I'm opposed to beautiful talented people reproducing.

They produce other beautiful talented people to put the rest of us mere mortals to shame.



Seriously though, congratulations to the beautiful family. I'm happy for them.
Hmm... cant see any horns or red eyes or a taste for human souls...
I guess theyll develop over time in little baby Satyana.

You all were thinking it...
I think there needs to be a new word to describe the awesomeness of this picture.
Great picture.
Awwww Alyson Hannigan just put this pic up on her Twitter profile.
That's a pretty robust gene pool little Satyana is drawing upon. Wishing her all the best.
So cute! Allison looks so happy and Alexis looks so, so proud. It's nice to see a celebrity couple love each other that much.'s nice to see it from anyone, but I'm so glad they have that.

I wonder if Satyana is a name from Alexis' side of the family? Wherever it's from, it's pretty.

What a lovely thing to go to sleep to. She is just so sweet!
What a lovely family picture. Of course we knew she'd be a beautiful baby, with Alyson and Alexis as parents!
Alyson's latest tweet:

"I want to tweet, baby wants the teat... she wins."

Yeah I don't usually do that. But seriously. There couldn't be a cuter family. The baby is adorable.
That is one of the best photos ever. They look wonderful, and I couldn't be happier for them! :D
Do you think Joss is the Godfather?
That will be the safest baby of all time. Or else you will get staked and set on fire.
Awwwww so endless cute!!!
Really, really cute! Even though the baby blog idea creeps me out quite a bit, I clicked through to see the feature on Alyson Hannigan's Sunny Maternity Style (which would normally merit a huge 'Yuck!' from me) and there are several great pictures of her and Alexis there - just in case anyone's interested.

And yes, that is one hellishly good-looking family.
OH MY GOD!! So cute, so so so cute and beautiful ^__^!!!
Congrats to Alyson and Alexis!
Awww! What a cutie! I want to go out and get her some little baby sunglasses so she will match her Mom and Dad. Congratulations to the new family!
What a lovely family!
Ahhhhhh, they're adorable!
That is pretty cute, and I like that it's just a handheld self-shot-at-arms-length shot. (There should be a word for that kind of picture. Is there?)
Cutest baby (and family) in the 'verse!!! :)
Awwwww!! She is adorable!
Beautiful family. Congrats to Alexis and Alyson once again.

I thought it, then read it, now I have to say it.
Yeah, it's the handheld-ness that makes it super-adorable for me too. Like they're smiling at friends, not at an official photographer...

Or I could just say 'awww' some more.
Awww! Great looking family. :)
Sooo adorable. :-)
Awwwww. So cute.
I think I may die of cuteness

...there are worse ways to go I suppose...
She's beeeaaaaauuuuuutiful! So incredibly adorable!
And that baby is cute, too. ;)
Best photo of Alexis I have seen in a long time! Seeing the pacific ocean behind them reminded me about the recent news reports yesterday from scientists saying that our California coast, and coastal citys are going to be under water in the near future (sooner than most people think). So the proud parents better find a place high up in the mountains to live!
That is a super cute picture! I like that they just took a random picture and not a stagged one for the magazines.
Congratulations and best wishes -- she's going to be a star.
I simply can not stand the overly styled post-baby shots most celebs tend to come out with. (Yes, you- J-Lo, Tori and Xtina!)

So that's why I think the greatest thing about this shot is the sheer spontaneity of it all, as you can really see the obvious joy felt by Aly and Alexis. That sure is one loved bub.

How nice of them to share such a special moment with us all!
Heartfelt Congratulations !!
So sweet, such emotional mega-wattage in one picture. (and they scooped the papparazzi, who if they get a baby pic now probably won't be able to charge as much; ALy's father posted at another site the papps have been camped out at the house sun-up to sun-down for quite a while.)

heinous lizard; Far as I know, while Satyana sounds a lot like Tatyana (which might easily be a name on Alexis's father's side of the family) it's derived from the Sanskrit meaning "spirit-driven vehicle." Maybe they're into some Eastern mystic thing, or maybe they just thought it was pretty. Not my business anyway :-).

Little Green Kid; Well, they actually live in sAcramento so their main home is reasonably safe.

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