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April 17 2009

Paley site has video from Dr. Horrible panel. A wonderfully edited, five minute video for your viewing pleasure.

Ugh, I don't need view it full screen, just let me watch the vid without installing yet another video plugin!
There are photos below the video as well.
And the video includes the aforementioned WHEDONesque shoutout, which really is all about Jed's expression(s).

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-04-18 08:45 ]
This about killed my Firefox browser yesterday but it works ok on IE.
And it won't even try to operate in Chrome. A great video, and a good post, but I'd prefer a heads up when I have to switch browsers and go through an install process in order to follow a link.

Whenever Joss has to repeat a story or answer - and this is a frequent occurrence, as we all know - he tells it with a new twist, a new bit of wordplay. When Nathan has to tell a story for the fiftieth time, he just charms his way through virtually the same rendition. It is so wrong that that works for him. Darn attractive people...
I'd prefer a heads up when I have to switch browsers and go through an install process in order to follow a link.

So posters here are supposed to test out links in every possible browser before they post a link? ;)
Sorry started for me as soon as I opened the page. I had no way of knowing others would have problems viewing it.

ETA: What b!X said.

[ edited by 10th Crew Member on 2009-04-18 09:06 ]
Installing the player was able to crash Firefox, but in IE worked fine and was a very nice video.
I had no problem watching it with Firefox. Great video, a bit light on the Jossiness, but Nathan was a hoot as always.

Also congrats to Maurissa and Jed (I hope I spelled her name right)! I love the Whedonesque shout out.
SteppeMerc, here are Joss heavy videos from the Dollhouse panel...if it's just Joss you're seeking.
Will the True Blood panel be available at some point does anyone know?

Lovely video! :D
I had no trouble playing this on safari, and I really enjoyed it (thank you for the Joss heavy Dollhouse panel clips too 10th Crew Member!). I really wish I could have been there, it must have been awesome.
Great vid! Maybe we should make a post for Maurissa? Telling her what to do today? ;)
Dear Maurissa,

Today, get married!

Dear Jed,

Today, get married! (You lucky bastard).
Install a custom player for web video? What is this, 1998?
Yea, it didn't like my Firefox on linux. I'll have to look at it on a different computer. I wonder on it does on Opera. I prefer not to use IE.

And congratulations to the Happy Couple!
Happy nuptials, Maurissa & Jed! May your lives be full of joy, laughter, music & lyrics!
It locked up my Firefox on Vista for about 15-20 seconds, but was OK after that.

I liked the clip. Fillion was hilarious in his brief talking time.

Congrats to the Newly Weds!
It worked fine for me with Firefox.
Crashed my Firefox (but mine seems to crash every 6.5 hours).

Cute video. Where were Neil and Sarah? ;)
yay us! we are the prophets of whedon! (that or just seriously without lives ;)
Anyone have any clue (I know, alot to ask) when Hulu is availible to Australia? Trying to watch Dr Horrible and yet to find another site that has the entire video...

... Any help?
No need, everyone call off the search! Youtube has finally come through...

[ edited by Archduke Sebassis on 2009-04-18 18:20 ]
Argh. I wanna see iiiiit! Guess I'll have to wait for YouTube to snag it. I hate my computer. >:|
In the photos, # 28 of 30 has the Fran Kranz hair styling aftermath that totally cracked me up!
Which you can also see here. (It started here.)

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-04-18 19:31 ]
Ahh, thanks, b!X, I haven't been around much today yet. (First stop, WHEDONesque!)
I didn't mean for my statement to be overly critical, 10th Crew Member. Sorry if I came across as sounding upset or greatly inconvenienced; I had hoped my more lighthearted review of the video would lighten the blow and show my appreciation of the post.

b!X, whenever I want to test something in this way, I open it in Explorer, Firefox and Opera. As a rule, Explorer will run it acceptably, Firefox will run it well, and Opera will apologetically generate a screen that says what browsers are supported - this report I send to my friends to let them know what they can use.
Mercenary, I bear no ill will.
Has somebody got a link to the Youtube? It didn't come up on my search, and the Paley version crashed my IE.
J-Mo, J-Mo
J-Mo, J-Mo
You’ve got this awesome rapport
In love and art and fun
And now you’re finally joined by more
Than a hy-phen
That's old-school and yet hard-core
Like zombie Jane Austen
Loved 4B Ep One, but, dude!
YouTube found it far too crude

J-Mo, J-Mo
J-Mo, congrats!
The Whedonclan’s pinch hitters
At work on task umpteen
Still find the time to Twitter
For Dollhouse 13
“I know you aren't quitters.”
“Um, Joss, what do you mean?”
“Write me a song?”
“Hey, no problem-o.
All just part of
Being J-Mo.”

That's better than the
<billyidol> It's a nice day for a wed Whedon. </billyidol>
I tweeted them earlier.
I don't like proprietary mediaplayers like these. It sort of worked in Firefox (very choppy) and I ended up using IE (groan)
Couldn't see it at full screen though, while most other video's are no problem at all (even 720p content with my rather 5 year old laptop works)

Anyway, great fun clip! Congrats to the newly weds :D

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