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April 18 2009

(SPOILER) Press release for the season finale of Dollhouse. Well, episode 12. Spoiler tagged for a reason.

Sounds like a hell of an episode.
My comment is spoilery:

EDIT: Wrong one. Sorry. Delete me.

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Y'know....every Saturday I wake and go to Hulu first thing to watch the most recent episode. Today is sad. Even if it gets renewed for a second season, it's gonna be one hell of a season break. I just know it.
ok now I regret reading that! Big spoilers...
wasn't the press release for this posted on a couple weeks back? When we first learned that there was a 14th ep.
Capitalization is cool; also we first learned about the so called "14th ep" looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong before it was mentioned on
Right. The press release was where we learned that we were not going to see it. :(
I think this has been posted before because I read this a few weeks ago and Whedonesque is the only place I go for Dollhouse news. (Or maybe I read it on imdb...)
Capitalisation is sooo last Century Zeit...get with the times baby ;-)
Actually, it was very 19th century, disappeared for a while in the 20th, and now it is triumphantly returning! e.e. cummings is turning over in its grave ;).
e.e is an uncapitalized "he." He didn't have a problem with genders, just spelling and punctuation. And sometimes grammar.

In terms of spoilers, this is an old one for me, but I'm inconsistent avoiding them.
One of my least favorite poets, meaning I hated having to read anything by him, but professors are dictators, aren't they just?

Resolutely remaining spoiler-free.
And then there is Capitalization Gone Haywire...the Winnie the Pooh Effect, where everything is "A Very Big Surprise" and so on. This particular weirdness seems inextricably embedded in legal prose. Defendants and Claimants, Answers and Interrogatories, it's as if everything is a proper noun, kind of the opposite of old e.e., and/or the internet stylist without a shift key..

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lm keeping my fingers crossed 4 a second season
Zee? Did you even read the thread?


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