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April 18 2009

Eliza will be on The Bonnie Hunt Show on Tuesday. Talking up Dollhouse.

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On an episode with a LOST cast member, which maybe will draw some new attention. And good to know that FOX is continuing to send her out on the circuit.
Not only a LOST cast member, but Amazing Race castoffs too.
Ahhh, very good. Maybe we can get some promotion for these last three episodes, help it stay steady despite Prison Break.
That comment of you, Jobo, reminded me to check Prison Break's ratings. 3.38 million viewers.
That sucks.

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Did I mention I'm all smiles?
How does that contrast with Dollhouse and TSCC?
I only regret that my vacation ends Monday morning, instead of late Monday night. Otherwise, I'd be in Culver CIty for the taping of the show. DVR this one, because it should be good
Actual PR for dollhouse?! I'm pleasantly in shock!

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